Historical Riddle

Smeared with dung and tar
 a strange disgrace.
reefer to slip
 survival under the down
we start to pray
leadership to our namesake
  returning a month too late
giving up irrecoverable gift to one
  so it will not be stolen by many

Hayes not dead,
  sustinance obtained.
Fight for resources
  not many remain…

Pels is here
  it’s time to race
my boytoy’s hanged
  his plan gon awry

The real question is..

   Who am I?

The things I wish I had time for

Yesterday was officially my last day at AWhere Incorporated.  I’m really relieved that my Algebra class is finally over.. and I can finally start focusing on making good grades.. instead of just getting bye.  I was working about 20-25 hours a week while taking 16 hours a semester. I was just running from one place another and doing my darndest to just stay afloat.  So I ended up last semester with 4 B’s and 1 C.  My GPA when I transfered to UMHB was a 3.27.. Now it’s a 2.6 something.  So pray for Sarah and I as we try and cut 600 dollars out of our budget every month. 

Now this brings me to an update on the things that I hope to have time for with the extra hours every day:


  1. Exercise:  I’m currently 290 lbs and I want to be 230 again by this time next year.  I’m off to a pretty good start as I started watching what I  was eating about two weeks ago and I’m already down 10 lbs from then.  I’ve swam 500 meters twice and run 3 to 5 miles 3 times in the last two weeks.  Prior to that… I hadn’t run since February probably. . .
  2. Writing:  Steven has started a writing group and I really want start getting some of the ideas in my head out on paper.  My week to submit came right as my finals hit for my math class… so I was the first person not to submit during their week.  Not going to happen again!  I want to actually get chapters ahead so I’m always submitting something I’ve written weeks ago.. we’ll see if it actually happens
  3. TV!:  Has TV ever been as exciting as it is now? Lost is over, but I really want to catch up on all these shows:
                 Caprica – Awesome spin off of Battlestar Galactica.
                 Castle   -  Awesome show with Nathan Fillion (captain from Firefly)  If you like Law & Order..       You’ll love Castle!
                  Fringe  -  This is an X-Files meets Lost kind of show, but they have Leonard Nemoy playing a character so I can’t help myself but want to watch it.  
                  Stargate Universe – I’ve heard a lot of good things about this show, but a few bad things.  I’ll judge for myself. 

   I can’t even remember the last time I got to watch any of them.  I may have to download since hulu only caries the last 5 that aired on TV.


The girls are doing nice, the older is making progress with potty training, but mommy and daddy need to gain some patience with the little blunders.  And we need a bark collar for the younger one… I’m not joking.. she screams until Sarah picks her up… and she screams loud.. all day long.  Since I’m obviously kidding about the bark collar..  any advice on how to get her to be a little less dependant being held 24/7?

Foot In Mouth: True Stories

About three years ago, I was probably in the best shape of my life.. and really gave a crisp military appearance.  One thing about my physique bothered me though.   At the ripe age of 21.. I started to bald.. and my hair lost ground (is still losing ground) until I became very embarassed about it.  I decided to save myself money on weekly hair cuts and started to buzz and bic my hair every week.  For those of you who are unaware of what ‘bic’ ing your hair is.. you essentially shave your head like you shave your face.  In a perfect world.. when you are done.. you look like Mr. Clean.  For over a year I shaved my head but was never able to get that wax smooth head.  I always had a major amount of stubble.  This frustrated me immensely.  All the Sgts in my unit shaved their heads,  and they pulled it off without a flaw!  I really wanted to ask for help, but I didn’t want to appear as if I didn’t know what I was doing. 

Well.. while at walmart, I saw a man digging through a bin of the discount dvds.  His head was FLAWLESS.  The entire backside of it was as smooth as a cue ball.  I thought to myself.. you know what?!  I have NOTHING to lose by asking him what his technique is.  The WORST thing he can say is, “No, I’m not going to tell you.” 

So I took a deep breath..  walked over and tapped him on his shoulder.  Even as he was turning I began, “Excuse me, sir.  I’ve been in the military for 4 years already and I can not figure out people get their head that smooth!  How do you get all the hair off?  What’s the secret?”

He finishes turning… and promptly replies without any hesitation.  “Cancer.”  I then see the scar running across the front and top of his head, where evidently he had brain surgery or something.  He nodded, turn back around and goes back to selecting his movie for the night.

True Story.

Education at my expense

Saturday I was given the opportunity to add another thing to my list of ‘things never to do again’

I’d like to say this goes right above ‘Peeing on an electrical fence’


Since we got the girls our lives have been running at full speed.  Sarah wakes up in the morning and gets the girls ready and takes them to school.  I get up and goto school, goto work, go home and do homework,  Sarah gets off work and picks up the girls and comes home.  I do ‘distract the kids’ while Sarah cooks, Sarah cooks, and I do bath and bedtime.  Sarah and I get about an hour of exhausted talk about how we are going to join a kool-aid drinking cult… and wondering how the human race has continued on without killing off their offspring… and then Sarah goes to bed and I get back on doing homework.  I finish up about midnight to 1 AM and then goto bed to do it all over again.  I don’t say this for you pity, but merely for you to understand that life is VERY busy for us, and neither of us really ever get a break. 

Friday night I suggested to Sarah that she could go have some girl time and hang out with a friend, and I would watch their kids and our kids until they got back.  Sarah kind of laughed and told me that it wouldn’t be fair, but thanked me for the offer.  I could tell she wanted to, so I texted her friend and arranged the whole thing.  The next morning, I told sarah about an hour before her friend was to arrive that I would be watching the kids and Sarah could goto town and do whatever she wanted.  She hugged me and I was hero of the morning :-).  (I always like being the hero).  She gets dressed and her friend drops off their 3 boys.  So let me do some math for you:

4 boys: (26, 4, 3, and 2)

2 girls:  (2, and 1)

About two hours into this experience I  was like.. who is the responsible adult here?!! Who is running this show!  and I realized… that it was supposed to be me. 🙁

I realize now that I desperately need a 4 year old.  Her oldest was amazingly helpful.  I would tell him to watch the baby for me while I went to the restroom.. and he seriously gave me updates every 5 seconds about what that baby was doing.  “She getting up… she’s putting something in her mouth”… “Okay I took it away from her”..  

Another funny thing was that our 1 year old would follow at her pace behind the other 4.  So all 4 would go running down the hall and then the baby would crawl after them.  ABout the time that the baby got to where they were… the rest of them came running by her in the opposite direction.  Did she cry? Nope.. She just looked up at me with those brown, knowing  eyes and said “Slow and steady wins the race…”  Or it could have been:  “Hey, Taxi,  what’s wrong with you… pick me up and follow those kids!”  I always get those two confused…

So after 3 hours I decided we needed a snack.. and a little nap..  So when I woke up an hour later the kids were still running around and the house was on fire!                     Just kidding :-).  So I gave them all PB & J  and laid them down in each room.  One was in my bed,  Our oldest was in her bed,  The baby was asleep in the computer room, and the middle child of their family was in the bed in the computer room,  and their youngest was on the couch  in the living room.  I walked into the kitchen and waited for all the screaming to stop…  I gave a big sigh of relief and decided to go have some me time..  until I realized that EVERY room in the house had a kid in it.. and there was nowhere I could go.   *sigh*

I broke out my new blue tooth and called some friends.. walked around the kitchen and stepped outside for some fresh air.   I changed about 5 diapers.. which is much better than 20… and when the womenfolk got home.. I pretended it was the easiest thing I’d ever done.. 

I was able to come out of it with my sanity in tact, but I was probably about an hour away from becoming a super villain!

Phew! close call.. I’d probably look horrible in a helmet with big antlers!

Goodbye my Friend

You know guys,  I hate to burden you with my broken heart… but I have a really hard time saying good bye.   I know it’s stupid, but I have the problem of not just letting life pass.  Maybe it’s because I’m too immature to recognize that things just can’t last forever.  I want them to.  A friend of mine is broken, his existence in shambles.  I’ve known him less than 5 years, but I just can’t imagine what it’s going to be like not having him around anymore.  I just think of all those adventures we went on together… all those hours staying up until the wee hours of the morning discovering life from other people’s points of view.  He was never really complete, but then again who is?!  I certainly don’t have all the attributes I WISH I could have?!   I don’t know guys.. I guess I’m just going to long for the times when he was around..   All those times we would sit up and read Jack Campbell books.

Goodbye my Friend,

You will be missed.

Will trade music for luv

For those of you who might not be privy,  Maria and I live in two different dimensions when it comes to taste in music.  There are a few artists who are so truly great that their music will create a wormhole between our worlds, and then Maria and I are able to look through that tunnel and see eye-to-eye about the music.  We live for those moments.  So here I am again.. trying to impress Maria with this artist in hopes that she hasn’t heard it already… and that she will love it.. and me too!

Confession is good for the blog

Well everyone. It’s time for another repeating blog implementation. So you will see this again periodically, but only if you participate in it. I am going to tell you something ridiculously embarrassing about myself… and how it is my New Year’s Resolution to change it.

It’s pretty bad 🙁

When I was a kid, my Grandmother made sure that I knew how important hygiene was. She made sure a bath was had every day. She made sure that we always washed our hair. She made sure that we always brushed our teeth. When I lived with my Dad, things were a little more lenient. I mean it was just generally accepted that these things should be happening, but he didn’t feel he had to lean over my shoulder and MAKE SURE they were happening. This isn’t bad about my Dad.. this is bad about me :-).

Now fear not, oh faithful readers. I am not informing you that I shower twice a year to save natural resources or anything. I do in fact shower every day, and I would say I probably take showers 350/356 days a year. I mean we’ve all had those days where you are just exhausted and fall asleep without showering. Or you wake up 30 minutes late and have to run out dressing on the way to the car. This is not my confession.

I brush my teeth probably twice a week.

Yeah.. I know. You are all vomiting in your mouth right now. When I wake up in the morning I hope in the shower, get dressed, get my stuff together, hop in the COMPUTER, and look up when it’s 1.3 minutes left to get in the car and make it where I’m going on time. I just have not made it a habit even since childhood. I always tell myself I will do better, and for a month or two I will brush EVERY morning.. or make up for it at night were I to forget. But I slip for a day.. then another. And soon I’m back to brushing every once in a while.

So this New Year’s resolution is to brush EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if I fall off the bandwagon.. I’m gonna hop RIGHT BACK ON. Here’s for white teeth in 2011!!

Now for the rest of you. MAKE your CONFESSIONS now. Be honest!