Will trade music for luv

For those of you who might not be privy,  Maria and I live in two different dimensions when it comes to taste in music.  There are a few artists who are so truly great that their music will create a wormhole between our worlds, and then Maria and I are able to look through that tunnel and see eye-to-eye about the music.  We live for those moments.  So here I am again.. trying to impress Maria with this artist in hopes that she hasn’t heard it already… and that she will love it.. and me too!

3 thoughts on “Will trade music for luv”

  1. Brett and I LOVE this song! We heard it for the first time this last week, and loved it then – it is even better seeing the video.

  2. LOL, Jason I love you no matter what junk you listen to 🙂 I really did like this song though, it’s pretty good. I actually went to purchase it off iTunes but Steven had already beaten me to it.

  3. BTW Jason, did you at least like the Christmas songs by Enya and Sarah McLachlan? I mean they don’t reek with modern day cultured pop.

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