Education at my expense

Saturday I was given the opportunity to add another thing to my list of ‘things never to do again’

I’d like to say this goes right above ‘Peeing on an electrical fence’


Since we got the girls our lives have been running at full speed.  Sarah wakes up in the morning and gets the girls ready and takes them to school.  I get up and goto school, goto work, go home and do homework,  Sarah gets off work and picks up the girls and comes home.  I do ‘distract the kids’ while Sarah cooks, Sarah cooks, and I do bath and bedtime.  Sarah and I get about an hour of exhausted talk about how we are going to join a kool-aid drinking cult… and wondering how the human race has continued on without killing off their offspring… and then Sarah goes to bed and I get back on doing homework.  I finish up about midnight to 1 AM and then goto bed to do it all over again.  I don’t say this for you pity, but merely for you to understand that life is VERY busy for us, and neither of us really ever get a break. 

Friday night I suggested to Sarah that she could go have some girl time and hang out with a friend, and I would watch their kids and our kids until they got back.  Sarah kind of laughed and told me that it wouldn’t be fair, but thanked me for the offer.  I could tell she wanted to, so I texted her friend and arranged the whole thing.  The next morning, I told sarah about an hour before her friend was to arrive that I would be watching the kids and Sarah could goto town and do whatever she wanted.  She hugged me and I was hero of the morning :-).  (I always like being the hero).  She gets dressed and her friend drops off their 3 boys.  So let me do some math for you:

4 boys: (26, 4, 3, and 2)

2 girls:  (2, and 1)

About two hours into this experience I  was like.. who is the responsible adult here?!! Who is running this show!  and I realized… that it was supposed to be me. 🙁

I realize now that I desperately need a 4 year old.  Her oldest was amazingly helpful.  I would tell him to watch the baby for me while I went to the restroom.. and he seriously gave me updates every 5 seconds about what that baby was doing.  “She getting up… she’s putting something in her mouth”… “Okay I took it away from her”..  

Another funny thing was that our 1 year old would follow at her pace behind the other 4.  So all 4 would go running down the hall and then the baby would crawl after them.  ABout the time that the baby got to where they were… the rest of them came running by her in the opposite direction.  Did she cry? Nope.. She just looked up at me with those brown, knowing  eyes and said “Slow and steady wins the race…”  Or it could have been:  “Hey, Taxi,  what’s wrong with you… pick me up and follow those kids!”  I always get those two confused…

So after 3 hours I decided we needed a snack.. and a little nap..  So when I woke up an hour later the kids were still running around and the house was on fire!                     Just kidding :-).  So I gave them all PB & J  and laid them down in each room.  One was in my bed,  Our oldest was in her bed,  The baby was asleep in the computer room, and the middle child of their family was in the bed in the computer room,  and their youngest was on the couch  in the living room.  I walked into the kitchen and waited for all the screaming to stop…  I gave a big sigh of relief and decided to go have some me time..  until I realized that EVERY room in the house had a kid in it.. and there was nowhere I could go.   *sigh*

I broke out my new blue tooth and called some friends.. walked around the kitchen and stepped outside for some fresh air.   I changed about 5 diapers.. which is much better than 20… and when the womenfolk got home.. I pretended it was the easiest thing I’d ever done.. 

I was able to come out of it with my sanity in tact, but I was probably about an hour away from becoming a super villain!

Phew! close call.. I’d probably look horrible in a helmet with big antlers!

7 thoughts on “Education at my expense”

  1. Hi Jason. You don’t really know me (we met at Steven’s and Maria’s wedding), but I want to thank you for posting! I would be SO SAD if the Rushings didn’t post anymore, and Steven had me really worried that that was what was going to happen.

    I am intrigued by your post. You write “since you got the girls” – I just looked through the old posts and didn’t see anything about you and Sarah getting any children. Do you mind giving the backstory, along with some pictures? Congrats, by the way. Good job on looking like the hero for the kids and the women.

  2. Yeah, Lynda.. Rushings have a tendency to be pretty stubborn and opinionated. We clash alot, and Maria and I had our differences, we are still family though… and family stands by family no matter what. Steven’s post was more of a wakeup call to both of us that we were acting pretty childish. (I was totally in the wrong on this one.. but don’t tell anyone!) I have no intention of not writing on rushingaround, and I hope that Maria will come back and write on it too. Honestly, the majority of people who read the blog are only here for regular updates from her in the first place :-). I think my mom and STeven are probably the only ones who care about what I put up :-).

    My wife Sarah and I have been Licensed Foster Care Parents since December, but only got our first placement a little over a month ago. So we now have 2 kids under 3. The reason we haven’t posted pictures or specifics is because it’s very very much against the rules. If we put photos and names, then their parents could find us and kidnap them.. or break in at night and steal our spleens or something. This is a big frustration for us.. because we want to consider ourselves parents.. and we want our family to be a part of our kids lives. But unless you fly out here.. you really can’t see them at all :-(. (We are thinking of allowing the interested to see them via webcam and preapproved periods of time. This technically is not against the rules, as long as I know who is on the other side of the webcam.

    But anyway.. so now you know what I’m talking about when I say “The girls” and You’ll probably hear more stories as time goes on 🙂

  3. Sounds like an amazing adventure, Jason. I am not sure Russ changed 5 diapers on a single child, much less a single day 🙂 (bet he’ll comment on that one, it is probably a slight exageration), but now dads take a much more active role, and usually moms take a more active role in other aspects of family life. I think it makes for better teams. I am SURE Sarah loved the day out, and you even more for it.

    I am sure the little ones are a wonderful part of your life, and bet they will prepare you for even more parenting to come.

    I admire those who open their hearts and homes to foster children. I know there are never enough people to help.

    Take care,

  4. lol, Pam, remember… you invited to take me in and let me finish highschool living in your home. I have never forgotten that 🙂 You may look up to people who take other’s in, but try to remember.. that you are one of those people too 🙂

  5. Jason and Sarah – bravo for what you are doing in taking care of the girls. If only there were more people like you! I so admire what you are doing, especially as new marrieds. I’m only sad that you can’t post pictures (although I do understand). It’s fun to think that you have caught up to Steven and Maria so quickly in having two girls!

  6. Jason and Sarah,
    I am also so very proud of you both. Being newly weds and already having a ready made family! WOW, that is an accomplishment for anyone, because most newly weds want to learn to know each other, before starting a family. At least that is the way it use to be a few years ago. But you and Sarah jumped right into it, and all I can say, is that you both are very special people to take on such a big task, specially with you both working and you going to school also.

    I am going to miss reading about the Rushing grand daughters, YES! ALL 4 OF THEM! and their parents also.

    It was so thoughtful of you to let Sarah have a girls day. I hope you continue doing it whenever you are up to doing the baby sitting. I know she really appreciated it and in my book, yes, you are a hero!

    I so hope I am among the people who will beable to see them on the webcam.

    God needs more couples like you and Sarah to take care of his children and I know God blesses and watches over you and your family!

    Love to you all!

  7. Wait a minute, “I am not sure Russ changed 5 diapers on a single child, much less a single day (bet he’ll comment on that one, it is probably a slight exageration).” Now that is an exaggeration; I can specifically remember six diapers and twice in one day! 🙂

    LIfe is too short to change diaper; I see teach them how to do it and your life is instantly that much easier. Ha! Ha!

    Glad to hear life little spats don’t end good relationships. BTW: School is worth it in the long run but getting that degree can be challenging. And, your right, Pam is pretty special even though her diaper memory is all soggy! Russ


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