Confession is good for the blog

Well everyone. It’s time for another repeating blog implementation. So you will see this again periodically, but only if you participate in it. I am going to tell you something ridiculously embarrassing about myself… and how it is my New Year’s Resolution to change it.

It’s pretty bad 🙁

When I was a kid, my Grandmother made sure that I knew how important hygiene was. She made sure a bath was had every day. She made sure that we always washed our hair. She made sure that we always brushed our teeth. When I lived with my Dad, things were a little more lenient. I mean it was just generally accepted that these things should be happening, but he didn’t feel he had to lean over my shoulder and MAKE SURE they were happening. This isn’t bad about my Dad.. this is bad about me :-).

Now fear not, oh faithful readers. I am not informing you that I shower twice a year to save natural resources or anything. I do in fact shower every day, and I would say I probably take showers 350/356 days a year. I mean we’ve all had those days where you are just exhausted and fall asleep without showering. Or you wake up 30 minutes late and have to run out dressing on the way to the car. This is not my confession.

I brush my teeth probably twice a week.

Yeah.. I know. You are all vomiting in your mouth right now. When I wake up in the morning I hope in the shower, get dressed, get my stuff together, hop in the COMPUTER, and look up when it’s 1.3 minutes left to get in the car and make it where I’m going on time. I just have not made it a habit even since childhood. I always tell myself I will do better, and for a month or two I will brush EVERY morning.. or make up for it at night were I to forget. But I slip for a day.. then another. And soon I’m back to brushing every once in a while.

So this New Year’s resolution is to brush EVERY SINGLE DAY. And if I fall off the bandwagon.. I’m gonna hop RIGHT BACK ON. Here’s for white teeth in 2011!!

Now for the rest of you. MAKE your CONFESSIONS now. Be honest!

3 thoughts on “Confession is good for the blog”

  1. Jason, when I read this and there was no category I got really, really scared. My husband only brushes his teeth twice a week?!?! Then I realized it was you. Then I thought oh my, somebody’s gonna think I brush my teeth twice a week. Yeah, I had to put this confession in a category. I’ll think of a good confession in a while.

    BTW, If you don’t like to brush though or keep on forgetting (although I HIGHLY recommend a regular toothbrush) Colgate puts out these portable WISP toothbrushes that work all right for on the go and they come in 3 flavors – cinnamon, spearmint, and peppermint. Yum! YOu can put them in thcar and on your way to work when you go Oh No! I forgot again, you can just pull out the handy dandy WISP brush.

  2. Great advice, Märia; so where does Sarah stand on this. Now that you have confessed, you get no more morning kisses from her until after you brush. 🙂 That’s a wonderful incentive right there!

    Confessions, hmmm, that is a tough one! I am not sure I am as brave as you to aire my dirty laundry or breath as the case my apply.

    Love hearing from you guys, Russ

  3. Shoot, I was gonna comment you should get a package of Wisps and put them in your car, but Märia beat me to it. They really work well. I hand one out to one of my sons who shall remain nameless when I see him with the white film on the edges of his teeth (this takes at least 2 days to form, icky).

    Just as a bit of incentive, I’ll share a quick story. I went to the Apple store at southcenter mall before I bought my Mac. There was a young man there that I asked a few questions of, he was knowledgable about what I asked, which I appreciated. The problem was everytime he spoke I could see that same white filmy layer at his gums that I had seen on my son. It was very difficult to pay attention to what he said as I could so readily tell that he hadn’t brushed his teeth in DAYS. I almost laughed out loud when he proclaimed himself an Apple Genius.

    So, the moral of the story is this: brush your teeth; people do notice and think less of your intellect and self respect.

    My big downfall is even more noticable. I have got to work on loosing weight. I wish mine were as simple as taking 2 minutes each day. Good luck with yours, and wish me luck with mine as I feast on salads and run on the treadmill or ride the bike.

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