Goodbye my Friend

You know guys,  I hate to burden you with my broken heart… but I have a really hard time saying good bye.   I know it’s stupid, but I have the problem of not just letting life pass.  Maybe it’s because I’m too immature to recognize that things just can’t last forever.  I want them to.  A friend of mine is broken, his existence in shambles.  I’ve known him less than 5 years, but I just can’t imagine what it’s going to be like not having him around anymore.  I just think of all those adventures we went on together… all those hours staying up until the wee hours of the morning discovering life from other people’s points of view.  He was never really complete, but then again who is?!  I certainly don’t have all the attributes I WISH I could have?!   I don’t know guys.. I guess I’m just going to long for the times when he was around..   All those times we would sit up and read Jack Campbell books.

Goodbye my Friend,

You will be missed.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye my Friend”

  1. BTW… this was a joke ;-(

    You were supposed to roll you eyes when you click the link.

    though I am mildly miffed it’s unusable now.

  2. Well, sorry that your Kindle is dead, but now that you know it didn’t “somehow make its way into my bags” to quote you, do you mind shipping me back me hard drive? =)

  3. Geeks are in a class by themselves and get attached to the strangest things. BTW: My eyes rolled a little!

    Good luck with your next best friend maybe an IPod or something.


  4. Yes, Russell…
    my new best friend is my itouch.. and we are getting along fine… he grieves with me for our old friend.

    Steven.. I never accused you of stealing it. and I’m sorry I haven’t shipped back your hard drive 🙁 I’ll get to it in 2010 (maybe even in the next few days)

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