Well believe it or not people actually come to our website. Imagine that. Some of them don’t even know who we are! So here’s an About Me page (BTW our last names are rushing, so rushingaround.com is a funny, haha…ha…yeah).


Steven Rushing

I do all sorts of stuff. I have worked for ConocoPhillips for a year and a half now, as a telecommunications analyst. In my spare time, of which there is very little, I read, mostly religious history lately, and spend time with my kiddos. I have been married to my wonderful wife Märia for a little over 18 years, and have 4 kiddos with her – Seporah (14), Felicity (12), Phillip (8), and Finnick (2).

That is the short of it. Life would be bland and grand if that was all it was. But there is this word to describe life (mine and yours) and it is “complicated”. Seporah and Felicity are a handful. I have them 3-5 days a week all by myself all day long, and you can just cross off all those other things you see up there, as they take up all day. I hear this is normal. I wonder why we aren’t extinct yet.

But when I don’t have them all day, Märia is the most wonderful helpmeet I could ask for. She is the most wonderful mother I could have hoped for for my children, the most adoring wife I could ask for, and gorgeous to boot! Home life is great, and if it ended there, I couldn’t ask for more. So we all do our best and if the house isn’t always the cleanest, at least our kids are alive at the end of the day, and everyone is happy enough.


Märia Rushing

Hello all, I am a naturally born klutz who is far too gullible for her own good. This is a constant source of amusement to those who surround me and a constant cause of injury to myself.

I’m currently working double full time: one job as a Pediatric Registered Nurse and the other as Mommy to two crazy toddlers, Seporah and Felicity. As well as being a wife to Steven with my extra 2 minutes left in the day. How do I do it? Well, partly I’ve lost my sanity and gained the ability to function on no sleep. But mostly I’ve got a great husband who does half the cooking, half the cleaning and half the child raising. He also gets thoughtful gifts well in advanced of the actual occasion they’re meant for. And yes he does have a brother, but he’s already taken.

I have recently started running in the anticipation of completing a marathon, yes that is 26.2 miles, no I am not crazy and yes I AM going to do it this year. I love reading (when I get the chance) and am a person that constantly has the music on too loud (or at least when 2 little beings I created aren’t in the car). If I could, I’d have an entire walk in closet devoted to shoes, as it is I have a little tiny quarter of the shelves next to the front door.

I am in a love triangle with Target and California Pizza Kitchen as well as have a semi-secret crush on McDonald’s on the side (seriously crazy toddlers + happy meals + playground = sane mommy). I wish I had more hours in the day; with my creativity I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out how to accomplish this someday. And when I do, I’ll return all those missed calls, mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the car, lose 10 pounds, and possibly write my memoir…well maybe not the last one.

I think I’m cool, but being married to a nerd means I’ve come to play games like Final Fantasy, watch shows like Legend of the Seeker, and read the occasion manga, so you decide.


Jason Rushing

Hey You!… yes… You! I’m Jason.. I used to be the third wheel of this website, until I found my better half.  I live in South California, half way between San Diego and Yuma, Arizona.   I am a self-diagnosed internet addict.. 🙁 I play a few video games every night and guitar from time to time..  and am finally free of my Marine Corps indentured servanthood!!  YEAH!

I am the proud completer of three marathons! I do have have the desire to run a fourth, but I also have about 50 extra pounds I’ll have to shed before contemplating that grusome fate.   I’m kinda a goofball, and tend to carry my sarcasm too far. Tangent time:  I love food… I’m married to the most beautiful woman who has ever walked the earth.. I’m not perfect, but my wife is working on that :-)… I am currently in college thinking about teaching history…   though I want to go to Seminary after I’m done.

Sarah Rushing

Sarah Rushing

I’m Jason’s wife, and the most recent addition to RushingAround.  I am rather introversive, and some would consider me shy.  Life seems to have taken me for an amazing but fast paced ride from college to full time work to marriage to MARRIED full time work.  I am a graduate from Point Loma Nazarine University and am currently working full time as Jason’s maid and nanny (you have NO idea 😉 lol) while putting in a mere 40 hours a week as a preschool teacher.

I have been exposed to a lot of new interests since getting married and many I’ve had since my teen years.  I like to quilt (though I have no time for it lately), participate in arts and crafts, watch movies, keep up with Jason’s TV shows (I would never watch without him….. NEVER) Lost, Jericho, The Office, and Battlestar Galactica (not my favorite.. but it’s not that bad).  We have two precocious puppies named Abby and Bella.  Bella is our eldest and is half malteese and half poodle (a maltipoo) and then Abby is our needy, little mini dachshund (that’s HIS dog).  So now we have a 4 member family and having a great time of it.  I hope you enjoy reading the little tid bits I put up from time to time!

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