2 impossibly hard headed people equals the end of Rushing Around

Yeah, so Märia said some things that didn’t even bother Sarah to Sarah, but Jason heard second hand what was said, and got all offended, and deleted all his posts, maybe 2 weeks ago.  I restored all his posts from a backup I made, but lost about 2 days of comments (so if your comments disappeared 2 weeks ago, you know what happened now).  But Jason decided not to post here anymore, and so did Märia, so I guess Rushing Around is dead.

RushingAround.com, Dec 2005 – Feb 2010

4 thoughts on “2 impossibly hard headed people equals the end of Rushing Around”

  1. Oh! Please no!

    Guess Hard headed people just run in the family.

    I hope everything works out.

    I love you,

  2. What!? No way!? Please say it isn’t true!! I love reading the blog. I want to hear from ALL of you! Please, please, please!!!!!!

  3. I hate to see it go because this is the only way I have of keeping track and seeing sll the new pictures of my
    Grear Grand Daughters and my Grandson and his wife. who writes such funny things that happen with the family!
    I have truely enjoyed it!
    Please keep it going!

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