Seporah Conversation # 42

*Daddy walking in a parking lot with Seporah, walking up on a car under a protective car cover

Seporah: Ha Ha Ha Ha *pointing at car

Daddy: Whats so funny?

Seporah: Ha Ha Ha Car is hiding

Daddy: I guess the car is kind of hiding…

Seporah: Ha Ha Ha Seporah smart!  Seporah see hiding car! Ha Ha Ha

3 thoughts on “Seporah Conversation # 42”

  1. That’s my girl; seeing the hiding car when no one else did. All of the world’s wisdom can be found in the imagination of our children. We only need to figure out how to unlock it.

    Love you, Seporah…Keep up the good work!

  2. Seporah IS smart! Next time you come visit us, it is time to play Hide N Seek with you.

    Love you!


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