Making Room on our Flip Video

Yeah, so we lost the Flip video for a long long time, and now that we have found it, we wanted to use it. But um, it was full! How did we possibly fill it up? Pretty simply really. The last time I used it, I put it down while it was recording. OOPs! Well, It is empty now, and here are the videos!

A Christmas Video

Felicity Smiling and Talking

Seporah kissing Felicity with Grandparents and Josh

Seporah and Felicity swinging

Seporah Wearing Funny Shades

Seporah at Christmas, opening a recorder

Seporah Vacuuming (she is normally deathly afraid of vacuums)

missing stuff

Things I Really Miss here in Hawaii:
H&L Produce
The Olive Garden
Walking into a store and listening to non-Hawaiian music
Non-pigeon talk
Going on vacation and not having to buy $500 plane tickets each every time
Being able to drive more than 35 miles
Having a yard
Being able to order things online and not having to worry about shipping costs or how long it’s going to take to get here
No Bugs
Being in roughly the same time zones as everyone else

Things I Will Really Miss When We Leave Hawaii:
Having to only dress my daughters in shorts and a t-shirt
If my toddler refuses a shirt or shoes, it’s ok
Spring year round, not too hot and not too cool
Amazingly green all year round
Being called auntie by everyone under 8 years old
Walking outside whenever I want to and not worrying about the weather
Openness and usual friendliness of people
Watching Japanese tourists (this is so much funnier than it sounds)
Rice and oh, the potlucks
Kaluha pig with cabbage (this is so much yummier than it sounds)

Randomness (mostly about the girls randomness)

Seporah now says “Lissy” for “Felicity,” I’ve now come to call my littlest girl “Little Lissy” (to the tune of Little Lulu of course).

If Seporah wants Omelets or Oatmeal in the morning and you don’t have time at that moment to cook (because you have to feed the other one) and she won’t take cereal, just pretend the cereal is for yourself-works every time.

It’s really cool on the morning that someone is coming to fix your oven (and charge you $50 just to look at it, not counting whatever to fix it), you happen to turn on the oven and it magically works!

Felicity hates the bottle, she prefers her milk straight from the tap, so on days that I come home from work, I get so many smiles and little hugs and loves. It’s awesome.

And Seporah she runs up to me and hugs and kisses me too on days I come home from work.

I’ve come to really like Tyrone, Pablo, Tasha, Uniqua, and Austin. Even the episode that’s based on James Bond.

The VCR (unlike the oven) really is broke this time, one too many objects were shoved in it (and I don’t mean the VCR tapes).

After bath time, babies smell like heaven.

Individual containers of milk or juice or yogurt smoothies with straws are so much cooler than a sippy cup with the same stuff in it.

Anything with wings can be called a fly.

If you go to The California Pizza Kitchen, I recommend the field green salad with gorgonzola cheese, portobello mushroom ravioli with sauteed mushrooms, the thai chicken pizza and the banana chocolate royale cake, all in one sitting. You may gain 5 pounds, but it’ll be 5 happy pounds.

Going Part Time

So there was a lot of reasons I decided to go full time at work after Felicity was born. Mostly we don’t know where we are going to move after Steven gets out of the Army (388 days to go!) and we wanted a little extra in the savings account. As well as a few other reasons.

However I talked to my boss and said it just wasn’t working out and I’d like to go back to part time. Even though full time is only 3 days a week and part time is only 2 days a week, that 1 extra day is worth it. I don’t think I anticipated the lack of sleeping and colickyness of Felicity and consequently the lack of sleeping from me, I never feel quite awake and I never feel quite asleep. And Felicity hates the bottle, so every time I’m at work she doesn’t eat well. Which doesn’t sound so bad until I went in to weigh her and she wasn’t gaining like she should. Plus Steven and I aren’t too cool with daycare (but we do have a very awesome sitter when we both work), so when I was working, Steven was at home and when Steven was working, I was at home. We hardly ever see each other. I mean it took us 2 months to have a night off for a date (where we left early). And then Felicity getting sick was the top of the cake and I was like dude ok, this is not working. Plus I mean I’m not really Super Mom or Super Woman and I’d like a little “Me Time” which I’m not getting, at all. (And the house, well I won’t discuss the house).

So I’m going back to part time. Not until mid-April because the schedules are out and we’re very short staffed (they’re getting rid of our LPNs and no one’s coming to replace them, which is making more than 1 person angry). Yeah, BTW are there any RNs around here that want a job and are good with kids, It’s a pretty good job, has it’s ups and downs, but I like it for the most part.