Work and Play

It is amazing the difference in throwing up a webpage for a friend, or helping a friend out when they are stumped with a web development problem, and being paid to do web development work. I have been helping my good friend Spencer and his father for years on their business website. They sell convenience store signs and do quite well. Spencer actually runs the site, but every once in a while he would ask me to fix something or figure something out that had him stumped. No problem. I like doing that sort of thing. Give me a programming problem and I will fix it. And if I couldn’t, or just flaked out, no problem. They were grateful for all the help I had done in the past and wouldn’t think twice about asking me to help in the future.

Well, that all changed today. For the last month or so I have been working with Spence to build, their new hot cereal business website. We (Märia and I) have all 4 flavors now, and have tried 2 and really like them. Seporah especially likes them, and we like that. Super healthy and super good. Ok, enough for the commercial break. =) But yeah, for the last month they have been asking me to let them compensate me for my work on RokitFuel and I have kinda let it go each time saying they could pay me when the business is making some money and so forth.

But their actual main business needed a website makeover THIS weekend. Yeah, it has to be done by Monday, and Spence’s dad didn’t realize that Spence would be in the field and unable to do it. So he asked me to do it and insisted that I receive compensation. I agreed and we settled on everything.

And now working on the site is totally different. It isn’t play and problem solving and so forth. It just feels like work. Of course, I don’t think I have ever had a deadline or anything, so maybe it is just that… What I do know is I should be working on it and not over here blogging about it. =)

Yeah, I am weird. Back to work I guess… Sorry for the not so funny post.

First Real Post

Ok, so we lost just about everything again. Yeah, I know it is annoying. It annoys me. I have spent the last several days getting this thing working again. Ugh.

So it was a bad harddrive complicated by some software incompatibilities caused by a mouse driver. Yeah, you heard that right. It was pretty much caused by a mouse driver. Talk about issues.

A lot has happened since we went offline, but I will let Märia fill you in on most of it.

But this is mostly a test. Hopefully the pictures and everything will work without much work on my part. These are pictures of the last time we went to the zoo.

100-43746.jpg 100-43226.jpg