My Daughters: Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Aloha


So I was all in love with the Mr Men and Little Misses books when I was a kid. They were AWESOME. When I figured out I was marrying Mr. Rushing, I had to run out and buy the Mr. Rush book for him. About a year ago I started seeing Mr Men and Little Miss products here and there. I have a scrub top with Little Miss Helper and Mr Bump and Seporah has a Little Miss Sunshine shirt. It wasn’t until later I realized they had made it into a show. Just thought I’d show everyone. Super cute. Seporah and Felicity love it, they call it Little Sunshine Show. And really my daughters are not afraid of anyone, they ARE Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Aloha.

Seporah’s Preschool Graduation

Seporah’s Preschool Graduation was today. We thought we’d show you pictures and videos of our big love bug getting so big. The candy around her neck is a tradition here in Hawaii. During graduation it’s common to get many leis and since she’s a little keiki, most of them were candy leis. Seporah totally hammed up the singing and dancing, a little too much on the second song to where she landed on her booty.





One Good Man

When Mormons starting making movies a decade or so ago they were really good. Then they started mass producing them when they realized the loyalty of the market base – making the majority of them really, really sucky. I haven’t seen a good LDS cinematic film in a few years. Steven and I watched One Good Man last night and I’ll tell you what, I loved it. It was just a good movie about a man trying to do the best he could. It’s market base is specifically the LDS population as a large portion of the dialect is written in Mormonise (the movie didn’t even try to explain stake presidents or the MTC or any of a number of different common place things in the LDS world). I’d also like to say the lighting and cinematography deserves a nodding at least, it was very well shot. Steven’s complaint was he didn’t like all the piano pieces in place of action or dialogue. I thought it was fine, but then I get into mushy drama movies where everyone starts crying and the music gets louder.

Saturdays are fun with Mom

Märia had yesterday off which is pretty rare for a Saturday. It happened to coincide with the Baby Expo which happens every year down in Honolulu. It is something like a big carnival for expecting mothers. But they have things for children and mothers of children all the way up to 3 or 4. Seporah and Felicity both had lots of fun playing in the play area with me while Mom went and checked out all the baby/toddler stuff. They even had a bouncy house that the kids got to play in.

After the expo we went to the Hawaii Ice Palace to do some ice skating. We have lived here for 4 years and never been, so we thought it was about time. I keep forgetting that Märia never ice skated growing up. In my mind she is from Washington State, where they play hockey and get snow and live 2 hours from Canada where they play hockey and get snow. She had never skated before she met me and now has only been twice. I probably ice skated 20 times growing up, and roller skated more than I could hope to remember.

Anyway, it was lots of fun. Seporah wouldn’t let us help after maybe the first 5 minutes. She was convinced she could do it. And no matter how many times she fell down she kept getting up and was upset when we finally had to leave because it got late enough that they closed down the little kid area. Märia was utterly exhausted anyway as she had only had maybe 5.5 hours sleep after working the night before and had run all over the expo previously.

We all had lots of fun! Here are some vids for your enjoyment.