Time for some new content

So I was doing some reminiscing and realized that we used to get 7-10 posts a week on this site. It really was a family journal for a long, long time. I think it is time to make it so again.

My plan is to write more, but also to set Seporah and Felicity up to write their own stuff, and I will also write Phillip specific posts under his name until he is old enough to write for himself. We will see how it works out.  Probably 2 months from now there won’t have been any updates. =)

Seporah and Felicity also will be set up at seporahrushing.com and felicityrushing.com, as well as Phillip at philliprushing.com, so that their posts here mirror over there. One day they will take over their own domains, maybe for personal, maybe for professional use, who knows. Their email addresses are firstname@theirdomain.com in case anyone is curious, although I don’t think I have set up Phillip yet.

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