Independence Day Weekend

Comanche Trail Park

Lots of plans for this weekend.  We will leave after work and drive to Big Spring. We plan on camping at Comanche Trail Park, so we will probably go there first and set up the tent. No telling how long that will take, as I am not the best at that sort of thing, but we will get it done. If we have time after, we will probably go swimming or playing at the playground. I doubt I will want to cook anything on a grill that night, so we might eat out. Saturday we will divide our time between Comanche Trail Park, Big Spring State Park, and maybe Moss Lake Park.  Comanche and Big Spring are free, and probably have plenty to keep us entertained, but Moss looks much nicer, and is a bit more remote, and costs a little money while the others are free. It might tempt us.

Flexifoil Buzz Kite

We will probably fly this kite a bit. I really like it, and have purchased two now, giving one to my mom because she liked it so much. Also, my mom is coming down to have grandkid time!  Last time we flew the kite in Abilene, and between me, her, Seporah and Felicity, there just wasn’t enough kite to go around. Maybe if we can double up, 2 to a kite (one thrower, one flyer) it will be enough.

We will have camp food for breakfast and dinner. I am pretty good with foil meals now, as it is just too hot to cook in the house, so I have been using the grill for weeks. Märia is a fan, and the kids choke it down about as well as they do kitchen food. (This isn’t quite fair to Seporah, she eats well. Felicity and Phillip are crazy picky though.)

We will see how we feel on Sunday. If we are tired, we will probably head back. Should be a fun weekend. Stay tuned for pictures.

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