Whow, I was tired last night

You know I am tired and distracted when my English is as bad as it was last night. The real capper on it was that I said “operating engine” rather than “operating system”.  Ouch, I just lost nerd points.

2 thoughts on “Whow, I was tired last night”

  1. I’m afraid I need to revoke your nerd card. You can petition to get it back after 6 months… but you have to complete one of the following:

    a. all the star wars films back to back
    b. firefly and serenity (within 2 weeks from the start)
    c. Star Trek TNG (I don’t suggest this one)
    d. All of Farscape (within 1 month from your start point)
    e. 24 episodes of sliders.. you can skip around.. for obvious reasons.
    f. Land of the Lost (because it rocks)
    g. Make your kids watch a season of Eureka’s Castle (and watch it with them)

    Please let my office know when we can give you your geek card back. we are anxious to have you among our ranks again.


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