Real Life Text Messages from the last 24 hours

Sarah> I am praying 4 you now on my break. And thank you for hte drink it is a special treat. I have your green card. Love you
Jason> Crap. Hope I don’t get pulled over… might get deported.

(my extraco bank card is solid green.. Sarah and I constantly call it ‘your green card’ or ‘my green card’)

Holly> Hey, I need help looking for books or legit info that isn’t hollywood crap about vampires. Do you know a book that I can find that could help me?
Jason> You want me to find legit info on a mythical race?
Holly> thanks for the txt. I hadn’t realized what I was asking for. I’d settle for nonhollywood information on vampires.
Jason> I’m sure if I found any legit info on Vampires… they’d make me join the ranks.
Holly> If you start ordering your steaks rare our friendship is over.

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