Various Facebook Updates for the Non-Facebook People

Our water’s out, so I told Felicity the toilet wouldn’t flush today, “Oh, the toilet’s out of batteries?”

Actual quote by the weather lady on the radio this morning, “High today is 78 degrees. It’s a little cold, but remember it is winter time.”

Felicity pooped in the potty! Oh happy day! I’ve changed diapers every day for 4 years, 11 months and 15 days, I am sooo ready to be done with them 🙂

Felicity talking into a toy phone, “Hi Naomi! Hi Naomi’s Mommy! You come to Seporah’s party?… Oh no!… Please!!!

Mom: How many times have I told you to put on your house slippers? Seporah: Um, 6? Dad: How many times should Mom have to tell you? Seporah: 7

Seporah: I don’t like breakfast, I don’t like lunch, I only like snacks. Mom: The problem with only eating snacks is you don’t get the right nutrients. Seporah: I don’t like nutrients.

Ack! Just caught Seporah singing Justin Beiber’s Baby, Baby, Baby Oh! He has officially taken over.

Actual quote by some random guy in the elevator, “You’re really beautiful, except for the short hair. That’s too bad because I really love long hair.”

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  1. BTW: You’re really beautiful just as you are! And so are the grandaughters! Life is good and we are having a blast…

    Grabdpa Russ

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