On the Plus Side, Plain Exhaustion Has Helped Me In the Weight Loss Department

-We started patching Seporah’s eye a few days ago. We discussed with the opthamologist and she said we’d probably be doing it for 1-2 years based on her current exam. Right now we’re only doing it 3 hours a day though, so thankfully she doesn’t have to go to school with it on.

-Steven’s now able to walk around with relatively no pain, hopefully sometime by February he’ll be able to run again.

-Christmas came early here. We’ve been using our USAA card for 5 years racking up points apparently. We didn’t know it, but you can trade in the points for gift cards. I was not planning on getting the girls anything (grandparent’s are the bomb, so they had some things), but now I’ve got all these gift cards for Walmart and Target. It was totally sweet let me tell you.

-Felicity pooped in the potty 2 times this week! So excited to be almost done with the diapering stage of our life.

-Seporah got the Good Citizen of the Quarter at school! Super proud of her. She also did a school performance of Brown Bear, Brown Bear a couple of weeks ago that Steven (wink, wink) needs to put up.

-We actually sent out Christmas cards this year. Steven designed them and we both mailed them out. It’s a good thing Steven took the initiative because if it had up to me, it just wouldn’t have happened. Good intentions are just that intentions.

2 thoughts on “On the Plus Side, Plain Exhaustion Has Helped Me In the Weight Loss Department”

  1. What do you mean lose weight? You looked just perfect when I saw you last month! So glad about the gift cards 🙂 what a pleasant surprise for you! Hooray for your two wonderful daughters too, and daddy Steven as well 🙂

  2. Ahhh…I have my weekly Rushing Around fix now I am no longer in withdrawals and the news is all great! We love you guys and appreciate all you do; have a wonderful Christmas and an even better new year.

    Love, Dad

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