Meant to Write This a While Ago, But Life Happened

So those witch outfits we got, Felicity wore them every single day for 3 weeks straight. Inside the house of course, not outside. Then the day comes when Felicity and I get to go to Halloween party. I totally talk it up and go to get her costume and “No, I Not Wear My Costume!” Ok, that’s fine, I’ll put it in my bag, I’m sure when she sees everyone else wearing their’s she’ll want to put it on. We get there and there’s about 40 children under the age of 5 (along with their mommies). Felicity still wouldn’t put on the costume. We play for a couple of hours and it’s time for the costume parade, still wouldn’t put on the costume, “Where’s my princess costume?” I look around and pretty much every little girl is some sort of fairy or princess and she was insanely jealous. Another little friend said Felicity could wear her crown, so she put it on and sulked. So lesson learned: little girls really don’t want to be witches (even though they pretty much are), they really want to be princesses.


2 thoughts on “Meant to Write This a While Ago, But Life Happened”

  1. I can hardly wait to see your whiney princess or your little TROUBLE maker 🙂

    Just so gosh darn cute

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