And Another Trip to the ER Means I Have a Serious Headache

Seporah’s middle name is now spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Literally, about a minute after I posted that last post I hear a crash and a scream. And for the most part crashes are dusted off with a quick wipe and a kiss. This crash however was not wiped off so easily and after an hour of Seporah saying her arm still hurt I figured I better go make sure it wasn’t broken. There wasn’t any swelling or redness, she was moving all of her fingers, and she had good pulses and cap refill, so I didn’t think it was a big break, but Seporah is not my little whiner (that title goes to Felicity) and you never know. Long story short, not broken just a little hairline fracture at the tip of her radius near her wrist and she gets to wear a splint for a couple of weeks until it’s all better. At least it’s not a cast for a couple of months. That rite of passage will be saved for another day, hopefully FAR in the future.

One thought on “And Another Trip to the ER Means I Have a Serious Headache”

  1. Hope she feels better soon – and that she gets used to her glasses (according to your Mom’s hypothesis) and has fewer crashes and spills.

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