I Swear I Tried Really, Really Hard

It’s a good thing she’s in Kindergarden, I would hate for my daughter to get laughed at due to her mother’s essentially nonexistent hair styling skills. My mom actually did my hair every single morning until I hit 7th grade. It was a shock to my system when my 11 year old self realized she couldn’t even put her hair in a ponytail. I mean I eventually figured it out, but I never really advanced my hair styling skills very far. And for the past 5 years or so, it’s mostly been pretty short. And for the past 3 months or so, it’s been very, very short (see here for my tween inspiration that takes about 30 seconds in the morning time). Anyways she loved her very beautiful hair (FYI, she was also the one who insisted on the bows, it was either that or marbles, you know the kind that go into black girls hair and well that wasn’t happening).
P.S. Also trying to figure out how to get pictures from the new interface iPhoto to the webpage (or anywhere for that matter) is annoying, so sorry about the weird out of focus pictures, it’s actually a screenshot.


6 thoughts on “I Swear I Tried Really, Really Hard”

  1. She is always cute, and it looks like she knows it too.

    My question is, what happened to her chin??

    Love you,

  2. I tried to do L’s hair a week ago… There is definitely an art to it.. an art that I have NO WHERE CLOSE to mastered. I wanted to sit there and practice.. but I was hurting her, lol.

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