BTW They All Lied

Which I’m infinitely glad about to tell you the truth. When the girls were younger I would say something about how I was waiting for the girls to get older so they would be easier. To which most people would reply that it doesn’t get easier, just different. They lied, it totally gets easier. Not saying it’s a really easy job, but having an almost 3 year old and an almost 5 year old is way nicer than having a newborn and a not quite 2 year old. I sleep, I have conversations, they tell me jokes, I change about a quarter of the amount of diapers, I sleep (I’m really stoked about that part), they say please and thank you and I love you, and their accomplishments are so much cooler (learning to roll over vs. learning to read).

I’m gonna have to say our house just keeps on getting messier and messier with the girls developing new ways to destroy it, but I’m gonna have to say I prefer living in a tornado laden house compared to a sleep deprived zombie land.

*Written in response after I reread the last post which made it kinda sound like I wanted them to revert to their baby ways, which really wasn’t the case.*

One thought on “BTW They All Lied”

  1. Yea! And it keeps getting better until they hit puberty, then you will wish they were babies again. Honestly though, life gets better with age. I mean look at your mom and me, we are middle-aged, emply nesting, and having a ball. Life is grand…

    Love you guys, see you in a couple of weeks!

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