Baby Girls No More. Three Cases in Point.

1. So my little big girl is no longer in Toddler sizes. We’ve been squeezing her in 4T clothes for a while now and I finally decided we better go into the big girl section. Oh Lord, somewhere between 4T and size 5 the clothing industries assume that little girls turn into little skanks. I’m not even kidding you, no wonder children are having sex earlier and earlier these days. My only other option besides having a little skank was having a Justin Beiber follower (there was enough of those shirts I could get a different one for every day of the week).

*Warning-the following makes me sound like a cracky old non-hip momma* Whatever happened to the cute sweet innocent clothes??? What ever happened to look she’s 5 years old??? I mostly dress the girls in dresses with leggings underneath. They look like girls, it’s comfortable, not too hot, and it’s easy to get on and off (neither of them can get jeans on/off for the potty and I’m trying to help them foster their own independence in that realm, I mean I’m not gonna be able to help them forever in the bathroom). I actually LOVE the outfits on Hanna Andersson. They’re perfect: comfortable material, stretchy, fun play clothes. Everything I want except it’s like $60 an outfit, not something I’m willing to pay for 1 child’s outfit.

2. Seporah’s also decided she’s old enough to have long hair. This is NOT cool in my opinion. I’ve gotten used to the easiness of short hair. Wash it, brush it, Voila! You’re done! No brushing out snarls, no having to put it in a ponytail so they can play without it getting in their eyes. But she has voiced her concerns about how EVERYONE at school has long hair (including her teacher Mrs. Lucas, who she adores) and I guess she is big enough to make that decision on her own. Felicity will continue to have short hair just incase you were wondering.

3. Today, Steven and I were watching Modern Family. This episode centered around the fact that the children were being raised on electronic portable devices. It was quite funny. After it was over. I realized that we hadn’t heard from Felicity the entire 22 minutes it was running (Seporah was in school). Uh-oh, Felicity could do all sorts of havoc in 22 minutes. Ironically, we found her sitting on her bed playing with an electronic portable device.

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