Gleeful Media in the Now

Okay,  Well it’s been another late night studying and I decided to reward myself with starting a new series to keep track of.  Over the last couple of years I have been very impressed with pretty much every show I’ve watched that came out on Fox and so I decided to have a shot at Fox’s new hit Glee.  Wow,  what an amazing show… and what an amazing disappointment.   The music is top notch, the acting… decent.   But let me tell you what I can’t stand.   I absolutely hate that every ‘Christian’ shown in entertainment is either 1. a nutbag or 2. an ignorant hypocrite.    So… let me give you the layout of things that bugged me in this show:

The main Beau’s destined to be with the main female singer but he yet to realize his relationship with the ‘queen of celibacy’ (said with great hate by the main girl)  is doomed.  They flash to a makeout session with the main Beau making out and petting with this cheerleader under a picture of Jesus…  the boy grabs her butt.. she gets a naughty look on her face… and then she sits up and says.. “we must pray”  Then puts her hands together like we teach our 4 years olds to.. or like Jeanie was about to appear and grant Major Anthony Nelson a wish that will eventually blow up in his face.

There is a growing relationship coming from a school counselor who is seriously trying to get with the teacher running the Glee club.  They of course paint his marriage as something not worth saving, and teachers as underpaid public servants and the true salvation of the planet.  And for the people who want to send me hate mail on that last tidbit:  I’m majoring in History and minoring in Education..  Guess what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my career…

In short:  I don’t understand why no one can latch on and have a REAL Christian on a tv show.  There is plenty of conflict they could throw in there without making all of the religious right look like losers, idiots, or judgmental hypocrites…

Scaled 1 to 10:  Glee is a 4

(Edited after watching another episode)

Episode 2 has a dramatic moment where these kids are part of the “celibacy club” ??  They were… grinding on each other through balloons or something?  If the balloons were to pop the sound makes the angels cry??  Yeah… so then the main glee girl gets to give her 30 second planned parenthood speech about how celibacy has been ‘proven’ not to work and the only way to really deal with sex is to just be ‘prepared’ for when it happens… because  (and this is a quote)  “. . . Celibacy doesn’t work in highschools… Our hormones are driving us too crazy to abstain. . .”    Yeah…  So I guess we’re all just crazy animals that can’t stop ourselves…  Yeah

Scaled 1 to 10: Glee is a 1

I won’t be watching any more of this crap, I hope you don’t either.

4 thoughts on “Gleeful Media in the Now”

  1. By and large, I find the majority of TV to be a waste of time. Steven frequently shows me the latest and greatest and I usually roll my eyes. I do like Roswell and Big Bang Theory though.

  2. The most recent “Christian” character in a mainstream television show that wasn’t a characakture that I remember was in Studio 56 on the Sunset Strip. Only got one season, but it was a good show.

  3. yeah, sorry, that was me up there. I haven’t seen the show, and don’t plan to, but mostly because it doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t like dancing, and it is a dancing highschool show. But I find it interesting that DR LAURA found it to be ok, and recommended it. She sees the attackers of decent society in EVERYTHING. Here is the sum up of her review:

    So, this program goes back and forth from anti-religion/liberal sexual values for teens to the moral considerations of not engaging in an affair with a married man.

    Everyone will find something offensive, but, I’ve got to say, it is funny.

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