ants in my laptop

I have a little 10″ netbook that I put Mac operating system on, and I like it well enough.  Seporah and Felicity and I went down to the park, where they played and I watched them and wrote some things down for school on my laptop.  For the last couple of weeks I have been noticing ants coming out of my laptop from time to time, and I just assumed that 1 or 2 went into the keyboard to get food and then came out.  Well, the laptop was getting treated a little less gently than normal and getting shakin by kids and such, and suddenly I count like 10 ants on it.  Oh crud I think.  About 3 months ago I had to take apart an external dvd player because it was completely infested with ants, thousands and thousands of them.  So I only see a few ants and think I better take this thing apart and head off an infestation.  I take apart the keyboard and pop off the back, and pop out the ram, harddrive, wireless card, motherboard.  And really, I take everything completely apart on the lower half of my laptop.  I pull out maybe 100 ants, brush it all apart, and prepare to put together then 20 some odd pieces and 30-40 some odd screws that I had to separate to clean it up.  And I notice something.  Ants were pouring out of the screen.  I had never taken apart the screen, so I was a little tentative to work on it, but once I got it opened up, there were thousands of ants in there, larvae, eggs, queens.  Seriously.  Thousands and thousands.  So I spent like 3 hours today taking apart and putting back together my laptop.  But I am writing this post on it, and it is infestation free now.  =)

Only one problem, and it is truly a common one for me.  I put it all back together, it all works and all, but I had a singular screw left over.  Ugh, I hate it when I do that.  =)

4 thoughts on “ants in my laptop”

  1. What??!! Unbelievable. But actually, not so unbelievable. The ants around here are STRANGE. I think I probably have the same problem, except I have no idea how to take apart my laptop! I may have to figure it out, I would have never in a million years imagined that ants would do that. Glad you got it cleaned out!

  2. Wow, totally strange story! I was talking to Russ and he says “all electrical devices put off sub sonic noise that bugs just seem to love.” Who’d of thunk it? Guess I learned something new.

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