Aww, Man…

While we were visiting Jason, Seporah picked up the phrase “Aww, Man!” from him. It is incredibly cute whenever she says it and she says it like 10 times a day. Consequently Steven and I have picked it up in our language. Example:

It’s 4:50am, Mom is about to go to work and Dad wakes up.
Dad: Did you just feed Felicity?
Mom: No, she slept the whole night! *Note-this would be the VERY first time that has happened*
Dad: Aww, Man!
Mom: What do you mean “Aww, Man?!?!”
Dad: That means she’s going to wake up any minute and I’m going to have to feed her *Note-amazingly Mom did not kill Dad for this comment, even though mom has not slept at the very most more than 5 hours at a time since she begin terrible morning sickness with said baby over a year ago*

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  1. I got to hear her say this famous phrase while I was talking to you on the phone. It is truly CUTE; loved hearing it.

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