Still sick and my new job

Well, I have been far sicker than I am now, or have been this go around, but I have never been sick this long. Märia and I got sick last Thursday, the 22 of May. We really haven’t had any respite since then. Yesterday I still had a 103.7 fever and today I am still up over 100. And that isn’t even the worst, but the worst isn’t fit for public consumption. Ewwww =)

So I have a new job. I work as an Audio/Video Tech in a television studio! The station is TV2. I always thought of AFN as the only army/military station, but apparently Hawaii has their very own station that is piped into all the Hawaiian military installations, barracks, hospitals, and can be specially requested from the local cable company by soldiers living off base.

My new job so far has been to set up cameras and sound systems. Lots of mixers, mics, speakers and amps. We have done lots of ceremonies and celebrations and so forth. I am also learning video editing and video transferring. There is lots to learn and I actually work all day long. This is really a first for me in my military experience. I never have had a job where I have work to do that takes all day. I have to decide at the end of the day what to finish quick and what to leave for tomorrow!

I will talk more about it later, but it is lots of fun. Tired now and going to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Still sick and my new job”

  1. So sorry about you guys being sick! Especially with two busy girls . . . that is so hard. I really want to hear more about the job, how you like it, if you would want to do that in civilian life, etc. Love you guys!

  2. This job sounds much better than most of what you have endured for the past months. Enjoy…and hope you get all done being sick SOON!

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