swallowed-fly.jpg ” Due to the ‘scary’  nature of this book, we advise you to use your own desgression while reading in the presence of children. “

 ——I only wish that message would have been attached to the book and I would have seen it before I read it!!!

As a preschool teacher I’m usually the one to read the children a story before nap time.  This usally helps them calm down a bit so that they can rest.  Today was different though, The book I chose wasn’t the best one for me to choose for this particular audience.  I guess it was a little too  scary for one of my students.  As soon as I read the book I left to go on my lunch break.  Not 5 min later I recieved a call on my cell phone due to a child crying uncontrollably with the fear of dying.  When I told him that he wouldn’t die unless he tried to swallow a horse (must read book to understand!) he told me that he was afraid that he was going to dream that he swallowed a horse and that he would die.  I tried to calm his fears the best I could.   WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT????