Absolutely Evil

OK, so I don’t use the word evil lightly.  I pretty much save that word for cultists, communists and clowns.  But I came across pure evil today.  Let me start off with a quick analogy.

Imagine you want to buy a toy.  You go to Walmart.com, Tartget.com and Amazon.com to compare prices.  You determine that Amazon.com has the best price, and start to buy it.  But NO, you can’t because Walmart.com has just purchased the sole right to sell that toy to you, and they bumped the price up 400%.  That is simply evil.

So what actually happened was that my mom wants me to set up a website for her.  I start shopping around for the cheapest price, and one of the places I checked the domain name at reserved the domain name for themselves.  They bought the domain name out from under me, based on a search I performed on their site!

So I called their customer service and threatened legal action based on the concept of domain squatting.   They promptly told me that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and they were performing a “service” to me by “saving” the domain just for me, so that someone else didn’t come along and buy it and try to sell it to me for an exorbitant amount of money.  It was worth $10 and they were trying to sell it to me for $50.  What does that sound like to you?

Anyways, I finally talked them into canceling their purchase of the domain, and got it through my own hoster for $10.

Evil  =)