I don’t even know what these things are…

… much less how they got in here!

So I had been holding Felicity for 10 or 15 minutes to keep her happy and I realized I hadn’t heard Seporah at all. This is never a good sign. So I went to the bathroom to see if she had locked herself in there, and nope, not in there. I peaked my head in her room and there she was on the bed, playing with Mom’s craft scissors. You know, the ones that make designs like VVVVVVV and so forth. Anyways, she was being quiet and happy so I snuck back out and went to tell Märia just to make sure she was ok with it. I told her she was playing with her safety scissors (I didn’t know what they were called) but she seemed happy and I didn’t think she would hurt herself or anything. So she just walks right into Seporah’s room, and as soon as Seporah sees her she throws the scissors and the container that held them off the bed and looked up at us with her hands up, as if to say “I don’t know how those got in here, I sure wasn’t playing with them!”. Maybe you had to be there, but it was really hilarious. =)

She promptly helped us clean up the scissors that she had no idea how they got there, and everyone laughed and was happy.

Social Security Office

So we never got either Felicity’s birth certificate, or her Social Security Insurance card. So we had to order one online and it took 7 weeks to get in the mail. Well, we took our birth certificate down to the Social Security office, to get her card, and guess what, a birth certificate wasn’t enough. So I waited over an hour in line to be told that rather than a notarized birth certificate, I need a signed note from Felicity’s doctor. Somehow a hand written note from Felicity’s doctor hold’s more weight than a notarized birth certificate in the eyes of the Feds.

And these are they guys who want to take over our healthcare.

Märia is mean!

Märia has been working too hard and eating and drinking too little while she is at work. She works 12 hour shifts plus a commute and doesn’t get enough sleep in between shifts because she gets to feed Felicity and so forth. Anyways, she has been getting dizzy and light headed and feeling like she is gonna pass out at work.

Well, she called me the other day from work, and told me she got really light headed again, no surprise, and so she went to see a doc (being at work and all). So she took a pregnancy test and she was pregnant! Crazy crazy. So she called me and left a message saying such for me to hear.

So I had no idea how to respond to this. I mean, Seporah and Felicity were both very planned, but this would have been an unplanned baby, and Märia has been talking like we ought to wait til these two are in school before we have another. But I didn’t want to sound unhappy about it, as there isn’t anything to do once you get pregnant but to have the baby. So I couldn’t sound too happy when I called back, or too sad. I was in a pickle.

So I called back, and it was something of an awkward call, with me doing my best. But it was an April fools joke. Märia is mean. =)