I’m 35!

So it has been a few days.

On the 5th, I had to stay at the bank until about 11, working on disaster recovery failover. The tests went well enough, it was just a really long day.  Kevin Bushman came over and watched the kids, put them to bed. The power went out. There was an accident that took out some powerlines and the girls apparently put on a performance about being afraid of the dark, so Kevin’s mom came over with some flashlights. I don’t know if we ever got those back to them, I should figure that out. Märia was at work.

The next day was Wednesday. It is the day (6 January) traditionally celebrated as the day Christ was baptized in the Jordan. The first mention of Theophany as being 6 January, according to Wikipedia, was in the 300s. It is typically celebrated with the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, which is almost 1700 years old now. It truly feels ancient, even though it is only a little older than the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  I wonder if the English translation of the Basil’s liturgy is written to sound much older than Chrysostom’s on purpose, to make the few times it (Basil’s) is used feel more holy.

Thursday was just a day, my 35th birthday. Märia and the kiddos took me out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I never get steak when we eat out, I normally get some sort of seafood, but I got a steak so I could share with Märia, who wasn’t sure what kind of steak she wanted. The kids gave me a fun little Star Wars game, which we played today, and some other assorted Star Wars nicknacks. We got some lightsabers to stab each other with. =) Lots of fun!

Today I drove to Lubbock for the Gotcha meeting. I got a raise. It wasn’t much of one, 2%, 60 cents, but my boss said I was doing good work and that was this years raise, given to all the folk who are doing good work. I really wasn’t expecting one, so it was nice.

What have I read and watched?  I read Archie episode 5 I believe. I saw the most recent Modern Family and Brooklyn 99, and several Hawaii 5-O episodes. I listened to about 2 hours of “Beginning to Pray” on the drive to Lubbock today. I think that is it.

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