New Year, New Me

Well, not really. I am going to be the same old me, but hopefully with a little more discipline and accountability.  Sometime in October my site was suspended by DreamHost due to it having been hacked.  They gave me a list of hundreds of files that had to be deleted due their being malware. It took me until last night, but, over time, I deleted them all, changed all passwords (mysql, wordpress admin, dreamhost account, ftp) and finally got the site back online.

So It is a new year. I am starting the new year at about 280 lbs, a little less than the most I have ever weighed myself at, which was 287, a few months before I went to Afghanistan.  What am I going to do about it?  Well, for the first time in my adult life, I plan on fasting, really fasting. We, as a family, will do the once monthly fast expected of LDS folk. I will also do the fasting expected of good Orthodox Christians, which is a little different, but requires more discipline.

We are going to Disneyland in March, and between Christmas and Disneyland tickets and hotel already purchased, we have dug ourselves a little hole.  This year I will do what I have talked about doing every year since 2011 when I opened the account; I will count every penny in Mint.  That will help with weight as well, as if I know that I will be watching money, I will eat out much less.

And today. Well, today I opened with a good prayer rule, out of the little red prayer book, and read today’s readings.

Colossians 2: 8-12 About Baptism being the new circumcision. While much speaking of baptism in the Bible speaks about it washing away sin, here there is no mention of washing sin away, but rather it talks about being united with Christ through baptism, which is it’s proper function. When you realize that baptism’s true function is to unite a person with Christ, and the washing away of sin being a necessary part of being united with Christ, rather than the whole of it, then it puts away any objection concerning baptizing very young children. Those who object often state that they don’t need it because they don’t have sin, but the point is to unite them into Christ’s covenant people, to make them a part of the Body of Christ which is His church. It is exactly the same as circumcision was in the old covenant, the uniting of the people into the Abrahamic covenant.

The Gospel reading was Luke 2: 20-52. I enjoyed the reading here, but all I could think of was that Joseph and Mary here would have had Christ taken from them by CPS in today’s society. I am certain they were good parents, and good parents can lose their children occasionally.

What I have read, watched, listened to today:

Today I only read a few comics. Paper Girls Issue 3, in which Erin gets shot, the shiny armored guys look like they are going to be baddies, and it looks like the plagued mummies might actually be the good guys. I am enjoying it, we will see how many more issues I read.  Jughead Issue 3 – Jughead is really just dumb fun. It is much less dumb than the old comics, but still dumb fun. Saga Issue 32 – I can’t say enough good things about Saga. Finally Marko and Alana are friends and lovers again. I was so afraid they would divorce for a bit, but forgiveness and patience and love won out. Here is to hoping they find Izabel.

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