And We’re Back

So our computer went on the fritz and it took awhile to get another one. It was really rather annoying. I’m not sure what we all did before computers. No sarcasm intended, I’m totally serious here. I NEED Hotmail, Facebook and Google. Google is amazing BTW. LOVE it. Anyways we went to Kauai and met up with my parents and my grandparents. This was the first time my grandparents had met the girls actually. So it was pretty exciting. We did some fun things and sat around and chatted a lot too.


Great-Grandpa sitting on a train. We went on tour of this plantation that told the history of some of the agriculture of Kauai. It was actually pretty interesting. The girls said the best part of this was getting out and feeding the piggies (ie the wild boars).


Grandpa Russ, Grandma Pam and Seporah at the Waimea Canyon. This scared the snot out of me. What you can’t see is the little fence directly behind Grandpa Russ and the VERY steep drop off directly behind that. Scared the snot out of me I’ll tell you what.


Daddy and Seporah laughing at a blowhole. Essentially the wave came in through these caves where there was an opening that blasted the water through the top. Making it looked like there was a whale blowing water out. The girls said it was dolphins doing it.


Behind the condo where we were staying. We got to watch the sunset over the water, it was quite beautiful to watch the sun go to sleep.


Felicity playing at the blowhole.


Great Grandma Yeske and Grandma Pam. You can definitely tell they’re mother and daughter.


And one more mother-daughter shot, just a different set.

4 thoughts on “And We’re Back”

  1. Wonderful pictures and a great narrative of our adventures together on Kauai. Thanks for coming over and spending time with the older generation. You guys are the best!

  2. You know it looks to me like we all have that disappearing upper lip thing: me my mom, Mar, and even perhaps Seporah. Of course, it only gets that thin when we really smile 🙂

    I think we smiled a lot those days together.

    Thanks Mar 🙂

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