Dress Up at Target


Just in case you don’t this about me, I can totally rock a fedora or cloche. Seriously. When I’m at a store and put one on, people I’m with do a double take because I actually look good in hats. I have quit wearing them since the ones I have gotten messed up by Thing 1 and Thing 2. So I don’t usually wear them in public anymore. However I saw a huge selection of them at Target and had to try on one that was oh so cute. I really, really wanted it, but decided the black cloche with black feathers and black flower off to the side would just get ruined along with the other ones. While I’m doing this my little love bugs decide they’re going to play dress up too. The above outfit was all Seporah and if you’ll notice the big Hollywood sunglasses are over the top of her regular glasses. It was adorable. Felicity played dress up too, but my cellphone doesn’t capture extremely wiggly/running 3 year olds, only 4 year olds willing to hold still for 10 seconds.

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