Today’s Children say the Darndest:

I was making Dinner today when My oldest (whom we will simply call ‘L’ for legal reasons), L, put me back in my place.

(I’m cooking.. L comes in the room…)

L: Black! Black! (she points to the Spatula in my hand)
Me: Yeah, L, it is black. This is called a SPACHOOLA. Can you say SPACHOOLA?
L: Black! Black!
Me: Yes.. it is a Black SPACHOOLA! Can you say SPACHOOLA?
L: Black SPoaisjdfkajsfkLA (this means she got the first and last letter right.. but everything else was gibberish)
L: SPweoijwoeijfLA
*She starts to leave the Kitchen towards her room*
Me: *sigh* You aren’t very good at this are you? (more to myself than anything)

From the hall I hear:
L: YOU aren’t very good at this!

A Sarcastic 3 year old.. who knew, eh?

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