It’s Fall Again, and You Know What That Means Don’t You?

Number One: Seporah and her cohorts go back to school and the non-mormons bust out the champagne. This mormon might have bust out the sparkling cider, but you know I saved it for number two.

Number Two: My TV shows came back on season. Say yeah! *Explanation for the confused: No we don’t actually have television now, we have the internet* So I watch a total of 3 shows, I don’t think I could follow anymore than that with 2 smallish children and having to work 42 hours a week (yuck, I much preferred 36 hours a week, but that’s another story).

1. Big Bang Theory, which I know I’ve written about before. Essentially a group of super genius nerds with no social skills with a blond thrown in the mix.

2. Modern Family, I think I’ve written about them before. An extended family that puts the “dys” in “functional.” But it’s not like they’re killers or anything like that. Just um, how do I put it… well they’re a little bit like our family 😉

3. And then there’s 19 Kids and Counting, which I’ve only started watching since last season. I specifically remember the first time I had ever heard of the Duggar Family. Steven, Seporah and I were on the Big Island (this was before Felicity, it wasn’t like we left her at a kennel or something). It was 2AM and Seporah would NOT sleep at all. I decided to channel surf (something that I never have the opportunity to do since we lack television). This program comes on called “14 and Pregnant Again.” I’m sitting on the couch with a screaming baby in my arms watching about this mom who home schooled all 14 of her children that can all play the piano and at least one other instrument and who are all polite and smart and LORD I wanted to kill this woman for completely and totally upstaging me. I mean come on, I can’t even handle one!

Just kidding, she seemed cool enough, it was just sleep deprivation and jealousy going through my mind. But I didn’t really get into the show until she had her 19th kid and developed preeclampsia. I was like really? Hoping that her story might call attention to a crappy disease that’s one of the highest maternal and infant killers in the world today and guess what? We don’t even really know what causes it and why it happens. Her story really didn’t, but by the time I figured that one out I was pretty much hooked. They seem like a really cool family that would be fun to have dinner with (ie they wouldn’t notice how noisy and messy mine are).

2 thoughts on “It’s Fall Again, and You Know What That Means Don’t You?”

  1. Hooray! You posted! I’ve missed you guys. Congrats on making it to Fall, and it’s fun to know what shows you are watching. I know who the Duggars are but have never watched the show . . . maybe I’ll tune in. I’ve just wondered how they had that many kids and are still alive.

    Would love to hear about the Kauai trip, too.

  2. OMG! Märia actually posted on again; and I had thought miracles didn’t happen anymore. Hooray, this entry is both typical Märia (funny and insightful) and much appeciated; I love it! Hey Steven: it’s your turn!

    Love you guys, Papa Russ

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