Going to Kauai!

So Märia and I are sitting here waiting for our plane to take off. It was supposed to take off at 7PM, but they just told us that the new time is 848. Since we just saw a plane leave for Kauai, we are assuming that means we are waiting for that one to get back. I wonder when they were supposed to have left…

But we are super excited to go. Grandma Pam and Papa Russ are watching little Seporah and Felicity. I am sure they have their hands full. We are so glad that they came up to babysit for us, and if the kids are a little spoiled in the effort then all the better!

We are going out on a boat tomorrow (Saturday) for 6 hours, snorkeling in some pretty waters, and then running (read: walking) a marathon on Sunday. It will be a nice 48 (more like 46 now… errr…) hours without children.

We will send pictures (not great ones – we only brought our phones).

3 thoughts on “Going to Kauai!”

  1. Well, finally another post on my favorite Weblog.

    Spoiled does not do justice to what grandma Pam and Papa Russ are going to do to Seporah and Felicity but we’ll try our best! We hope you enjoy your two days of “empty nesting.” And, buy some underwater cameras; you will definitely want them when you get on the boat.

    Have fun! See you later…

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing the pix and hearing all about it. But I am so jealous. I wish I could visit and spoil those little ones. Have fun,

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