Foot In Mouth: True Stories

Okay,  I’ve tried to think about the things that I could post that you might find interesting..  and honestly, I know most of you are really here to read about the kids, Steven and Maria.  I guess what I have come up with is that I can try and interest you by bringing you along side some of my foolish and stupid mistakes.  I will call these segments…  “Foot in Mouth:  True Stories”

These will true stories about me… that are incredibly awkward or stupid.

A few months ago, I was late for work, and I was eating the fruit out of my lunch as I did 90 down the highway.  The fruit Sarah packs me is breakfast, and the meat and veggies are lunch.  I got into the elevator and pressed 9 and reached down to take another bite out of my apple.  I noticed that the sticker was still on the side, but because my hands were full (one with apple, other with laptop)  I made a note of it and told myself to take it off when I get into the office.  I walk down the hall, talk to a co-worker, put my stuff down on the desk, and get confronted with a peer about work put on hold from yesterday.  While he told me about what needed to get done that day, I started to munch on the apple between sentences again.   At the end of the conversation, the co-worker says to me,  “Have you ever accidentally ate the sticker off of an apple?”

I was taken a back a little bit, and having been confronted about a work error, and then asked about a mindless act such as taking a bite out of an apple…  I replied, “Not that I know of, why?”

He simply replied, “Just wondering.” and left the room to go back to his desk.

I was a little confused and looked down at the apple… checked every side.

No sticker.

True Story.

6 thoughts on “Foot In Mouth: True Stories”

  1. Yes but think of the fiber…you are probably better off for it. Just don’t eat too many.

  2. There is Fiber in the sticker? I would have thought there was more rubber… or plastic.. or something like that.

  3. Just another reason to ALWAYS wash fruit before eatting!
    Ya never know where that piece of fruit has been or how many people have handled it ( and where their hands were before they touched it }
    Enjoy Christmas with your Mom
    God Bless

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