G.I. No aka Joe Blow BAD and the Miscellaneous Good

Yesterday, I watched G.I. Joe the Movie.   I have one really good thing to say about this experience.   I didn’t give any of my money to do it.  This movie was atrocious.  It only vaguely resembled my childhood cartoon and worst of all they lied to all of us.  For those of you who don’t know, shame on you if you don’t, G.I. Joe is supposed to end with “American Hero”.  About a year ago it leaked out that the “American Heroes” would be working for the U.N. instead of for the United States, and fans went CRAZY (Crazy bad, not crazy good).  The producers of the movie promised us that they would fix this issue during production and we could go to sleep safe with our heroes back on our side.   They FREAKING LIED!  They stopped calling it a U.N. Force, but it was then called a ‘Global Task Force’.    Bull  Mother Freaking Crap!  Give me back my SGT Slaughter and my American guys.  I’m so sick and tired of Hollywood’s left leaning crap about how America is the bad guys in the world now.  If you are going to screw it up, don’t make the movie.

Steven and Everybody.   If you haven’t seen the 6th episode of Season 2  of “Castle”…  Stop reading my post and go watch at least the first 5 minutes of the episode… you are going to LOVE what happens.. LOL

Dollhouse is getting better.

Terminator got canceled… 🙁

I wonder if there would be any money in a firefly II (series or movie)  probably not…

Okay, I’m done.

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  1. Yeah, I was one of those guys who went crazy a year ago when it turned out that GI Joe was going to be a UN Force. Then I went back and watched some of the original television show… The only reference to America was in the theme song. They didn’t run around with American flags, they didn’t take orders from American political establishment, and all of them had unique, individual accents to show they were representative of the world. Really, go back and watch the original show… The movie was really quite faithful to it.

    Good dumb fun, lots of places to laugh throughout, and a couple where the creators of the movie actually meant for you to laugh!

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