Nobel Propoganda Prize

Yes,  Congrats everyone!  Obama was nominated 2 weeks into his office as president to receive a Nobel Peace Prize!  Obviously America should be thrilled to have their 3rd standing president to…  wait.. a Nobel Peace Prize?!  WHY?  Last I checked, we were still in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.   He has talked about de-nuking the world, but talking about it and getting anything done… two completely different things.  Sure, he stopped the water-boarding in Gitmo, but does that really merit a Nobel Peace Prize?  I’m not even going to include ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ as ‘peace prize potential’.  What is going on?!

After Al Gore and Barrack Obama…  I think we can safely say that the Nobel Peace Prize can be renamed and discarded.

One thought on “Nobel Propoganda Prize”

  1. hey, you have to think about who previous recipients are… Yasser Arafat (terrorist), Woodrow Wilson (commie – made Americans into political prisoners), Teddy Roosevelt (commie – said the rich not only had to honestly earn their wealth, but had to use it in a way that benefited society if they wanted to keep it), and Jimmy Carter – worst president in recent history and AntiSemite. I think Obama is in the crowd he deserves to be in.

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