Obsessions and Ambitions of Nothingness

I have to tell you guys about an my latest band obsession.. This is really rediculous, but I am in LOVE with the music of “Sleeperstar“.  Those of you who know my earlier obsession with music in general have probably heard the name of the band “Barefoot”.  Well several members of Barefoot felt the need to follow their God into fulltime ministry and give up their 5 year music careers JUST as they were about to make it.  The song “Rain” by Barefoot actually aired on MTV about a month before they gave their farewell concert.  About two months later the remaining members of Barefoot joined up with the Sleeping Giants (?)  and formed a new band called SLEEPERSTAR!!  Chris Pearson (the lead singer)  actually is a good friend of Chris Rice, a popular Christian artist, and has even played with him on stage.   I have watched every video on Youtube about Barefoot/Sleeperstar, and I feel as if I am VERY emotionally invested in them.  Their small time status makes me feel like they should know that I am one of their biggest fans… but alas they do not.  I say this knowing how pathetic it is to be so head over heels at my age, but I will say it anyway.  Had I the money,  I would totally becoming a roadie/groupie (minus that whole sleeping with the band part) and follow them around from concert to concert.

I say all this to tell you to come be obsessed WITH ME!!  here’s a video:

that “live” recording isn’t really that good, but a better “Song quality” is this one:

As my birthday approaches,  I would note that typicaly I never mention my birthday to test and see who would remember and who wouldn’t,  I would GLADLY take my gifts from all of you to be the receipts of YOU going to go buy their album on itunes for yourselves.  A great early Christmas present would be for you to make a video of you singing along and acting the fool while enjoying their music.  AND I EXTEND AN OPEN INVITATION  to share my home and I’ll buy your way into the concert I am going to in Rockwall, Tx on OCT 24th**.   Please share in my obsession, and if you have the resources and the lack of responsibilities live my Ambition of Nothingness and follow them around and enjoying their music (take photos and videos for me too!)!

** Sharing of home offer is only good during the weekend of Oct 24th, and offerer has rights and ability to veto based on personal knowledge of person or lack-therof**

3 thoughts on “Obsessions and Ambitions of Nothingness”

  1. Did NOT like the Live recording at all. But loved the sleeper star, Will defiantly listen to that a few more times. And No I have not forgotten your birthday. I am working on it. Or is that Christmas???? Weeee’ll see depends on how fast I work.

    Love you,

  2. It’s impossible for me to forget your birthday since you share it with my baby brother (and it makes me remember that you’re still older than me?!?). And since you got me hook line and sinker on Anberlin I figure I’ll have to give this Sleeperstar a decent chance. However, I’m gonna have to guess they’re from Texas…”Gonna run through the Texas rain” and the whole one star on the cover… I suppose I’ll concede that not everything bad comes from said state 😉

  3. lol, you mean like STEVEN? 🙂

    (Texas’ only problem is the failure of all other states to acknowledge that Texas has no problems.)

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