Joining the ranks of the whiners

Well, people. I just recently went to the Va for a check up and to get a referall for my ears. While I was there I had to do the basic check up of blood pressure… temperature… cholesterol (how ever you spell that) and of course… weight. It is pretty obvious to all that I have put on substantial weight since I left the Marine Corps in May of 2008. I think I clocked out of the USMC at 235 lbs, which is 10 lbs overweight by their standards. I got married that same month and begun a life of absolute laziness. On Thursday of last week, I weighed 293 lbs according to their scale. That’s about 60 lbs in 1 year and 3 months. OBVIOUSLY their scale is off by about 40 lbs… yeah… right… but I vowed to never hit 300. Sarah and I committed ourselves to an exercise plan and have been pretty good about sticking too it. We have run somewhere between a mile and a mile and a half for about a month now. I don’t have a scale to weight myself (that.. and I don’t think I’ve made any progress), but I had felt pretty good about my ability to endure running for longer and longer periods of time. Today, I had the opportunity to go running alone, and I decided to really try and break the sound barrier (hyperbole…). I felt like I did a pretty good job, about 2 miles in probably 18 or 19 minutes… ( Keeping in mind that I used to do 3 miles in that span of time). When I got into the house, I came in praising my dachshunds ability to run. Abby, the dachshund in question, is an amazing runner. She just runs and runs and she practicly pulls me along.

I will deviate for a moment to discuss some backstory I may have never told you. People in the military frequently get kicked out of bootcamp for a body condition known as ‘shin splints’. I would dare say it is probably the #2 way people get out medically (I”m guessing #1 is claiming to be suicidal). It is pretty well ribbed among those who make it out to their first duty station that ‘shin splints’ is a whiners way out of the Corps. In all my years of running in the Marines I always rolled my eyes at guys who would fall out of runs due to shin splints. Some part of my inner being would almost judge them instantly as ‘wussies’ who just needed to get over it. In my defense, I believe I once had shin splints, though they were a minor annoyance, and I just kinda limped for a few hours before I went about my day. I think you might see where this is going.

So as I walk in, singing the praises of a weinie dog who put me to shame, an overwhelming pain in my shins hit my legs really hard. I kinda waddled for a minute, but eventually I had to collapse onto the floor. My legs would support my body no more. I am officially a whiner.. I’m one of THOSE people who have too much weight for their body to adequately use it the way it is supposed to be used… I’m really in a ton of pain…

I took some tylenol, and I think i’m going to take the day off tomorrow. I may walk for a few days (at a Speedy Gonzales’ Grannie’s pace), but I’m not giving up. My goal.. and I set it broadly before all who choose to read this blog… (which based upon how many people comment on my posts.. is.. Steven and Maria…) I want to be 270 lbs by Christmas. This whiner wants his shins to stop hurting.. Anyone want to join me in my quest for unwhinerhood?

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  1. If I lived there, I’d go running with you. It’s not my shins that start killing me though, it’s my left knee. Like a million knives are stabbing it all at once over and over again. Motrin is your friend.

  2. For me it’s my back 2 bulging and 1 protruding disks have a habit of doing that, Ibuprofen all the way.

    23 pounds by Christmas, That is very doable. I lost 28 lb for our base biggest loser contest, in 10 weeks. Then promptly gained 8 back as it ended.

    So I will accept your challenge 23 lb by Christmas. That should put me at 225. If I make it to 228, it will be my lowest weight since before you were born.

    Good luck and health eating,

  3. Yea, you’re a whiner but at least you’re a running whiner, which is better than most other folks that simply sit on the couch. As for me, it isn’t shin splints, knees, or back; it is plantar faciities in my right foot. Now I seem to limp everyday (six months now). I think my running days are behind me and I am going to have to take up biking.

    Yea, I’m a whiner, too But, at least, I’m a biking whiner! 🙂


  4. LOL, Sarah and I have been talking about taking up Biking too.. Unfortunately ‘quality’ bikes here are like $500 A piece and I can’t afford that. (especially not two of them)

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