Short Staffed

So I wanted to write about how short staffed we are.

1 soldier con leave – 30 days for leg surgery

1 soldier paternity leave – 30 days (no such thing really, it is just ordinary leave cuz he had a baby)

1 soldier emergency leave as his father has a brain tumor

1 soldier regular leave

1 soldier pcs to be a recruiter

1 soldier pcs to be a controller

Our NCOIC is currently on leave just for the heck of it

Our OIC is currentlyon leave just for the heck of it

And we were short staffed before all this happened.  Ugh.   Work is pretty crazy right now.

One thought on “Short Staffed”

  1. Sounds just like my office.

    We were short 3 people to start with then:

    2 retired

    2 PCS

    1 emergancy leave and 2 out sick.

    That leaves Me, John and the new girl Wendy (less than 1 week in accounting).

    And they wonder why work is not getting done.

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