Sands of Hourglasses which slip away

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Well I currently have less than 51 days left in the Marine Corps, and am happily looking forward to being free of this established government.  I was actually talk to a friend of mine the other day, and he asked me if the last 5 years has dragged or flown by.   I started to think about it and realized that I’m really not sure.  After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I came back to him and told him this.  “My time in the Marine Corps is very unaccounted for.”  Let me explain.  I have spent 9 months plus 7 months, in Iraq.  I have spent 2 months Plust 2 months, plus 2 weeks, Plus 5 days, in the field (as pest I can remember).. I spent 3 months in bootcamp..  So where were the other three years of my career?  I remember one deployment dragging, and the other FLYING by.. some parts were cool, other parts really sucking… but I have no clue what I did with three years of my enlistment.  I have gotten in many arguements over my attitude towards military life, but have come up with a central ground I think Steven, Dad, Russ, or anyone who has served would agree completely with.  The military is a good alternative for people who are going nowhere in life, or have little drive to get anywhere in life.  But what you need to get off your butt, isn’t a four year enlistment, all you really need is to address authority issues.  So my suggestion.. my middle ground.. is that I highly encourage anyone who needs to refind their focus.. their ambitions.. go off and join the reserves.   You will gain the military identity,  you will gain a work ethic, and you still have the majority of your freedom. 

              So..  just a little bit of time left.. and I’ll be off to college..   Just a little bit left and I’ll be married.. O.O    and..  I really have my family to thank for my success..  so thank all of you so very much for supporting me through these trying times.

  (May 17th is the day everyone.. start getting tickets, start stressing out,  and no.. we aren’t flipping the hour glass over..)

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  1. You’re almost there, hip hip hurray! We’ll have to go and celebrate once you have your freedom again. 🙂

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