Yes.. there are Idiots in Texas too

So… Yesterday, I got involved in a lunch debate about this new Health plan. The majority of the people I work with are former military and most of them pretty strong Republicans. One woman a few desks down stood up and just started to rant on us, “You know the Cold War ended 40 years ago, and we are too mature as a country to keep fearing Socialism.. We need to embrace a good thing no matter what our “Fore-Father’s” intended.”

I was stunned into silence (after getting done laughing). I think what I don’t understand.. is how only 3 of us found that funny… Later that afternoon we were instructed to never discuss politics out in the open again..

I guess what I’m really asking is… Is it funny to you?

The Fine Art of Splitting Hairs

I do not know how many times I have to argue with people this point until they will open their eyes and see the truth… but I am going to make this point once and for all.

Illegally pirating music/videos/anything is NOT stealing!! It’s not, so stop saying it.. stop putting it in your little adds, stop lecturing others and using the word stealing. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

If I go running down the street… grabbing a woman’s purse and run off.. is that stealing? Of course! She no longer has a purse.. and I do…

If I take your cell phone from you and keep it as my own.. is that stealing? Of course it is! I now have a cell phone.. and you do not.. That is stealing!

If i get into your car and drive it away.. is that stealing? Of course it is!! I now have a car and you do not!

Pirating Intellectual property is CHEATING. Equally as immoral and unethical. If Steven were to loan me his dvds and I were to copy a few and then give them back. I have not stolen his dvds.. and I haven’t stolen money from the maker of those dvds. (Because in this scenario.. Steven still has his dvds.. and I do not have the money that belonged to the dvd company) I have CHEATED them out of their money by BREAKING the copywrite contract.

CHEATING is WRONG. Cheating is IMMORAL… Cheating is SINFUL. I am NOT saying that because pirating is not stealing that it is OK to do.. I am saying that Cheating and Stealing is are not the same things. and Pirating is cheating.. not stealing.

P.S. So stop calling it stealing.. you just look dumb.

True Story

Well, This is actually Sarah’s story, but she hasn’t had time to pen it down, so I figured I’d tell the story the way she told it to me. (and just for the record I <---- think it's HILARIOUS) On a daily basis, Sarah has to be at work before I do by about 30 minutes, and due to her "condition" (That's what I call her being female, and having 3 feet of (GORGEOUS) long hair to care for.. and makeup.. and actually wearing outfits that match..) she usually wakes up a full hour and half a head of me, to prepare. Well, apparently I unresponsivly got up and wandered around the house for about 5 - 10 minutes. Sarah kept calling me, but I wouldn't respond. (Apparently this is so normal that she didn't even bother to shake me.. or wonder if I was possessed or under some form of mind control...) After wandering around the house, I walked back into the room and got back into bed. S: "Baby.. What were you looking for" J: "I needed to get a pen and paper" (mumbling) S: "What did you need a pen and paper for?" J: "I needed to write something down really bad" (DUH!) S: "I'll write it down for you.. Let me get a Pen" J: "OKAY" (mumbling the whole time) S: "Okay, what do you need me to write down?" Well I had to say it 4 times for her apparently, but I was very patient (which when I"m waking up is about the only time I'm NOT.. but trust me.. I'm not a nice guy early in the morning 🙁 ) And this is what she wrote down.. a note that I found this afternoon and had to ASK her about: "Distopian Society Redrover Population Control"

New Starts and recent decisions.

Well today was my 3rd day at my internship, and I still am wondering when they actually want me to start working. I really love the environment, and it’s quite obvious that everyone loves to work here. I guess what bothers me is that I’m supposed to be learning this program.. and they have alotted a week and a half to learn it, when it really only seems to require about 4 days. I still have a few things left to learn, but I pretty much just follow my bosses around all day and ask them to give me something to do… or take time to write an entry like this.

Well, It was really interesting having Maria and Steven around the house! Steven, I did eventually find your external hard drive.., but I have lost it since then, so when it show ups… I’ll ship it your direction. Is there any way my Kindle found it’s way into your car? It’s been missing since you guys left. I’m scared I put it in one of your bags.

My internet is finally up, and my house is TRASHED with packing materials. I DESPERATELY need to clean up before Sarah gets here. I want her to be proud of me.. and to come home and give me a big hug… We’ll see if THAT happens 🙂

I have to make a final decision if I’m going to goto Tarleton State University (30 minutes farther drive) or UMHB (less notorious and will take me one semester longer to finish) for my bachelor’s degree. On top of that, I have to decide if I want to go Computer Science.. or History with my teaching credential…

So… I’m such a college student.. I have NO idea what I want to do with my life, really.

Big Bang Theory.. a LITTLE crass.. but TERRIBLY hilarious!! Everyone should watch it.. but honestly.. watch the 2nd episode to start instead of hte first.. it’s a little more crass then the rest and it turns people off…

Time to go home and get some sleep 🙁

This was on my tv.. and i feel my tv is dirty now

There is some kind of new reality tv show about drag queens. The host of this show comes on some morning show this morning, saying that the next Superstar will be found in this batch of girls… (he means guys.. right?)

and when they asked him what it takes to be a superstar.. his respons… confused me.

“it’ll take desire, guts, and… BALLS… because people are always going to have a hard time with you walking around looking fabulous..”

(wow.. yeah… wow…)


Filling awkward Silences

Maria and Steven are busy right now.. so I figured I’d fill this awkward (my word editor SWEARS that is spelled correctly.. I’m still skeptical) silence following the comparison of Obama to some form of Messiah. I really honestly cannot believe people are that dumb. Oh, and I got called a racist last week for not voting for Obama… I think after I get my degree I’m going to move to Canada.

Well, since we had nothing up I figured I’d fill you in on the things that I anticipate every week… The things that make me go YAY!!

Order of the Stick: a GREAT webcomic about Dungeons and Dragons. You will enjoy it if you like D&D or any form of Video Game RPG. Good story line.. updates twice to three times a week.. and I cheer every time it does.

Infomania: a show that comes out every thursday night. It makes fun of politics in general and life in this day and age. It tends to be a little liberal.. but I like it anyway.

Lost: Lost is a GREAT show, in mine and Sarah’s opinion. One of the shows we enjoy watching together. It airs Wednesday nights, but doesn’t get put on the website until thursdays.. so we watch it thursday nights together. GREAT show.. if you aren’t Watching it.. you are doing something wrong every week.

The Office:
A GREAT show, though it seems to be going downhill now. America fell in love with this remake while involving themselves in Jim and Pam’s relationship. I remember cheering when they kissed and freaking out when they didn’t get together. I remember squealing like a little girl when he showed up and asked Pam to go get coffee with him, and doing the same when he asked her to marry him. There just doesn’t seem anywhere to take this hit tv show though.. so watch at your own peril.

Improv Everywhere: I could spend all day on this website as well.. I LOVE watching how these guys have turned New York upside down. These are guys with Theatre backgrounds who decide to put up stunts just to make people smile or weird them out. Let me give you an example. They have people all ride the same subway train in boxers. They had a bunch of people dress up in the same color set as Best Buy employees, and then flooded the store with over 50 ‘fake employees’. These ‘fakers’ try and help customers but only in a helpful way. When they run into REAL employees, they pretend to be merely shopping. My all time favorite pranks have got to be the Mall Musical (they just start singing and synchronized dancing in the middle of a public food court), and the Home Depot Time prank. They go into home depot and shop in slow motion, back to normal shopping, then freeze for 5 minutes like mannequins. The looks on the employee’s faces… wow.. PRICELESS. Sarah asked me if I would do stuff like that if they were doing it around here. I think you all know the answer to that :-).

Jericho.. I miss you.. how I miss you Jericho… When will you ever return to me? 🙁 Everyone call your congressman (or the Sci Fi channel) and demand that they get Jericho back on the air….

What do YOU do every week?