New Years again

  1. 365 miles in 2017, a mile a day. Run, jog, walk (with a purpose!), bike, swim, whatever. I weighed myself today, 285. I weighed 253 I think when I broke my back. Stayed between 230 and 240 while in the military. Out of control.
  2. Journal. I will write here more often. Yeah, that isn’t very specific, but it also isn’t very difficult to succeed at; I wrote 7 posts in 2016.
  3. No Coke. Yup. Done. See #1 above.
  4. Keep a budget. Märia and I are working on this one together.
  5. That is enough. More than enough really.

Today the ward split

I have been praying for a real solution for months. To say that God moved our ward’s time for ME would make me sound awfully Mormon in a “God’s hands are in everything and it is all for MY good” sort of way, so I won’t say that. What I will say is that I am greatful for a year where I can attend Orthodox services in the morning and LDS services in the afternoon. Also, I am greatful that we got to keep our bishop, as he really is a great guy and I honestly believe that he leads in an inspired manner. I may not raise my hand to the square for the LDS church, but I certainly don’t limit God in such a way as to believe that he can’t work through good folk for the betterment of good people in ANY church. I certainly sustain my (LDS) bishop. 

The Exception Doesn’t Prove the Rule

Why in the world do I have to clarify that I’m speaking in generalizations?!  Of course there is a one legged body builder in Nicaragua who can run faster than me!  That doesn’t mean my statement, “I’m really slow, but I could beat a guy with only one leg.”   untrue!

Stop making me address every exception to a generalized statement.  /Rant

Elder’s quorum irritates me

In today’s lesson we went over Elder Perry’s “Finding Lasting Peace and Building Eternal Families”. The first quote we went over, even though it was far down in the talk, was “Women who make a house a home make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of impressive corporations”. What followed can only be properly described as woman bashing. “All these women today who just want to build their little towers which will crumble instead of building their families.” Etc etc. I mentioned that this was just a gender specific rephrasing of McKay’s “Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home”, and that the doctrine was gender neutral, and did not in any way apply only to women. This didn’t go over well in class, as the consensus was that I was being argumentative for no good reason. ugh