Hello, I’m Seporah and I’m 10 years old. I like cats, and my hobbies are knitting and crocheting. My favorite food is anything from the midland thai house. That place is one of the only places I literally jump for joy. I also REALLY like greek mythology. Humans turning into spiders, Persephone married Hades, her creepy stalker who kidnapped her and basically would of caused world war Z ( zombie ) if persephone left forever, a girl running away from a million bajillion boys who liked her,into the sheep pens, because she wanted peace and agreed to date Poseidon if she did so, and then turned into a sheep, and then the sheep who would be the Golden Fleece was born. You get it.

Look at Me!

So Mommy went to slept in her room and shut the door. And Daddy was suppose to be watching us, but he was tired too, so he went to slept on the couch. I figured with both parents asleep I could do whatever I wanted to. So I found the camera (which they never let me play with) and took pictures. See what a good photographer I am!





Popcorn and Talking Animals!

So Mommy and Daddy just took me out of the movie theatre and they are so excited that I sat all the way through the movie. I am not quite sure why. They are making a bid deal that the movie wasn’t aminated or something. I think that means that the movie didn’t look like it was made with colors. Don’t they know that it doesn’t matter if the movie is made with colors or with real peoples? All that matters is that there were talking animals! And the yummy popcorn helped too.