new… shamefully spoken

Sarah and I have been talking about it for a while, and decided that even though some of you know.. eventually the rest of you are going to find out… So this is the official notice to all of you.. judge us.. or whatever..  Sarah and I have good reason to believe it’s a girl and chose to name her bella.  We are telling you now because we do finally have pictures to show of our new addition.  Now obviously these pictures are prearrival,  but I think it’s pretty delightful anyway.  So.. here’s you first glimpse of her.  Don’t judge us.. just love us..

Far be it for man to know what they believe

I’m pissed.  I am going to go ahead and warn you that I’m probably going to offend Christianity in this post, so if you fall into this catagory… AS I DO…  than you might want to just save yourself the stress.  Today I went to church that I’ve been to for 4 years.  They were short people to carry the offering plates.. and Mr. Schofield came and asked me to carry one.  I am wearing jeans, a belt, a t-shirt, and a hoodie zipup.  I get out of the pew, take a plate and am stepping off with the guys, when another deacon takes it away from me, and looks at Mr. Schofield and says “He can’t serve the pass the plate dressed like that.”  He picks a gentleman with long sleeves and asks him to take my place.   I of course pass the plate and don’t give him anything but a confused look that someone could be so ABSOLUTELY IGNORANT!   Heaven forbid that you judge a man by the substance of the human heart, rather than the clothes he gathers about himself.

How about opening your bible?  How about following the nature of God rather than the nature of man?  I feel like most Christian i know just do whatever they’ve been raised to do.. they won’t stop to think for themselves.. to stop and think about the standard they live to.. and why do they live to it?   Look at the pagan culture behind every major holiday, but we as Christians line up at Wal-Mart to buy and buy.. and decorate our pagan trees, and hang our pagan wreaths.. We do what we were raised to do.. we don’t even stop to analyze if these things are righteous.. we don’t even stop to think of the words coming out of our minister’s mouth are truth.  If you can’t find it in the word.. than look at the nature of what is being told.. if you can’t match the words or spirit to those of Jesus to those of the bible.. then this is not of God..

   So I know none of you want to hear all this.. I’m just sick and tired of being told that I’m a ‘Christian rebel’ because I gravitate towards the word and away from ‘the way it’s always been done’   So I make this decleration to you now.   I will never dress up for Church again.    Never.


       1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:2-5

knowledge about insignificant people… powerful still?

Random facts about me:

I have the capacity (or the desire) to clap… 10x louder than everyone during presentations..  I guess I cup my hand differently, but people sometimes stare at me based on the volume of my clap.

 I feel that I can whistle… really well.  I can’t do that (hi i’m at a basketball game) whistle.. but I can do pretty good pitch while whistling.. and I’ve noticed that some people are not very good at this.  

I enjoy attention,  and I hate this about myself.

I can contact juggle.. if you haven’t ever seen this done.. search for it on youtube.  I’m not nearly as impressive as the people you see on there.. but I’m okay.  Another example.. what the main villain does with the crystal balls in “The Labrynth”

I remember crying.. watching Bambi.

I sing in my car… I’m the guy that you are driving next to on the highway with this mouth open that looks like he’s in the opera, or talking to himself. 

 I can open the book of “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card.. read only one line and know exactly what is going on.

 I can sing nearly every word of every song of every musical.. I’ve ever seen.. even if I’ve only seen it once or twice. 

Am I not sensitive, clever, well-mannered,
considerate, passionate, charming, as kind as I’m handsome?   

I love musicals.

I make up crazy titles to every single entry I put here.. this is me thinking I’m inventive..  but I have to ask.. do you like them?

 I still think that tattoes are dirty 🙁

I still think motorcycles are unsafe.

I don’t think I’m very good looking.

I still call Sarah my Girlfriend even though we are engaged.   I just don’t like the word Fiance.  (probably because of the Marine Corps)

I am obsessed with Christian Music… but not as much as I used to be.

I am known to do “The Lawnmower”  randomly, while bored, throughout the day.

I sometimes quote 70’s or 80’s pop songs in everyday life.. when it makes absolutely no sense to do so.

  Every answer to the question “do you know why?”  Is  “because Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A”  and I definitely get wierd looks about that.

I approach people randomly with my fists raised to challenge them to mock battle.

As a child, we would have sock wars, and this still sounds fun to me now.

   I think this list started cool, and just got dumb :-(..  Sorry to waste your time.

Sands of Hourglasses which slip away

my EAS tracker!!

Well I currently have less than 51 days left in the Marine Corps, and am happily looking forward to being free of this established government.  I was actually talk to a friend of mine the other day, and he asked me if the last 5 years has dragged or flown by.   I started to think about it and realized that I’m really not sure.  After a couple of hours of thinking about it, I came back to him and told him this.  “My time in the Marine Corps is very unaccounted for.”  Let me explain.  I have spent 9 months plus 7 months, in Iraq.  I have spent 2 months Plust 2 months, plus 2 weeks, Plus 5 days, in the field (as pest I can remember).. I spent 3 months in bootcamp..  So where were the other three years of my career?  I remember one deployment dragging, and the other FLYING by.. some parts were cool, other parts really sucking… but I have no clue what I did with three years of my enlistment.  I have gotten in many arguements over my attitude towards military life, but have come up with a central ground I think Steven, Dad, Russ, or anyone who has served would agree completely with.  The military is a good alternative for people who are going nowhere in life, or have little drive to get anywhere in life.  But what you need to get off your butt, isn’t a four year enlistment, all you really need is to address authority issues.  So my suggestion.. my middle ground.. is that I highly encourage anyone who needs to refind their focus.. their ambitions.. go off and join the reserves.   You will gain the military identity,  you will gain a work ethic, and you still have the majority of your freedom. 

              So..  just a little bit of time left.. and I’ll be off to college..   Just a little bit left and I’ll be married.. O.O    and..  I really have my family to thank for my success..  so thank all of you so very much for supporting me through these trying times.

  (May 17th is the day everyone.. start getting tickets, start stressing out,  and no.. we aren’t flipping the hour glass over..)

Okay… No one home… Nothing to do… No problem obsessing… here’s some hints!!

Well everyone, I spent the entirety of my 24 hour post doing homework and browsing the web for sites that NMCI (the computer the marine corps hires to manage it’s network) HASN’T blocked. In the span of time I was sitting there I have discovered a couple of cool sites that you need to go look at.

Well everyone,  I spent the entirety of my 24 hour post doing homework and browsing the web for sites that NMCI (the computer the marine corps hires to manage it’s network)  HASN’T blocked.  In the span of time I was sitting there I have discovered  a couple of cool sites that you need to go look at.  This is a site all about promoting garage bands.. they are very well sorted, and you’d be amazed at what you could find there.  I would suggest looking up Waking Ashland, foreverabove, and Anberlin.    Also just search for ‘piano’ or ‘acoustic’ Whatever your preference.. you can find some amateur artists with original material to entertain you for a while.  This is a site that allows you to use your instant messengers online all in the same window.. they are well financed and I use this even when at home, not just at work to circumvent the firewall  installed to keep us on task.  I highly suggest you check it out so you can play while at work.  Writing excuses.. 15 minute podcast of three authors talking about developing and producing good literary art forms.  One of them is Brandon Sanderson who is my new Author I am promoting.   If you are reading this.. and you haven’t read “Mistborn”   than you are WRONG!!   Tired of playing java games while at work?  Well how about signing up for a free service that lets you play a Nintendo emulator through the browser?!  Well  basically if you sign up you can save your game and come back to it later… yep.. you guess it..  I got as far as the ship before the Final Fantasy crew had to take a break.

Web comics:  This is a good web comic.. But All of these comics… reach certain audiences.. and if you aren’t in that audience.. you probably won’t like it.  This one is about a geek and his group of friends, but it deals a lot with what he is thinking as he lives his day.  He never really outgrew his imagination,  and supposedly he pretends there are 15 or 16 different personality types that live inside his brain.  Sometimes he sneaks around the house as if he were a ninja, and other times he is Don Juan,  007… you get the gist.    Very funny for internet geeks, like Steven and I.  This web comic is very relatable to Resident Evil.  There is a disease around and those infected become zombies.  The story isn’t very well developed, but the artist is doing a lot of work on character development.  The blood and gore seems to be present, but the author does a great job at distracting you from it.  I’m excited to see where this is going. This is a fantasy oriented web comic about a magical world with a struggle going on between elves and humans.  There is some very strong sexual content, I wouldn’t suggest this unless you are ready to enter into a very politically intricate fantasy world. This web comic is VERY funny!  It is based on pen & paper RPGs… in particular Dungeons & Dragons.  If you enjoy ANY type of Role-Playing Games you will love this story line anyway.  All of the characters are stick figures, and I suggest this one over all others listed here. This Web comic is suggested for all.  The geek, the not-so-geek..  it is much better suited for the well grounded reader.  It is about a teenage girl who falls asleep and wakes up as an alternate self from the Revolutionary War.  She seems to be in love with a character from her dreams, but when wakes up has to deal with real life as well.  Good story line, Good art..  Doesn’t update as much as I would like.. :-(.  This is an AMAZING fantasy story line.  GREAT ART!!  Once again, it is addressed to the anime/manga/fantasy/geek  reader… but honestly it is well grounded thus far that pretty much ANY reader would be happy to follow the lives of these children as they live in their Tolkienish world.  This is the story of a female rock star.. sick of dating she impulsively pulls up a man from the crowd and marries him on the stage.  The entire comic, is her dealing with that decision, and discovering that her new husband.. is actually… a really great guy.   (so far)  Maria… read this!!  Dad!!  You need to read this one.  This web comic has no real linear story line, but deals with very interesting characters.  Imagine the TV show of  “The Office”  and merge it with “007″  This is a great web comic about a company in disguise.  Their real business is international espionage, but the personnel all deals with each other in very funny instances.  Very  much making fun of 007 and other spy shows.   EVERYONE should read this randomly..  Good comic.   AMAZING cartoon.   This one is about alien races who all deal with a fantastical society.  The characters ROCK,  The storyline is AMAZING, and the fight scenes.. are second to none.  If you have time to catch up.. I would read it.   The major draw back is that I have been following this cartoon for the last two years.. and he has only put out like 6 update strips..  :-(  He just recently put out two of those.. so maybe it’s starting back up… who knows.      So next time you’re bored… be… 

Happy Dyslexia to those who count down

Well everyone, the site has changed..  and in Honor of this change I am vowing to attempt to keep up with Maria and Steven on posts.  Or at least with Steven!   Things in Cali have been going okay; a few spats with Sarah but overall, I really honestly can’t complain.  My car has been a really big issue just lately.  For the last 4 years I have had Air Conditioning, but no heat.  This last paycheck I took  it in and had my heater core replaced, so that I could defrost my windows without having to break off ice from my runny nose.  Well, mission accomplished, I was told to have my AC refilled at an alternate location, as they didn’t have a vacuum to complete the job.  I went to the  car place on base, and they hooked up my heater but claim that my AC has a screw broken off inside.  I informed them of the prior work, and they insist that Mechanic A must have broken it off.  When I returned to Mechanic A He angrily insists it must have been Mechanic B.  Mechanic A goes with me to speak with Mechanic B, and a week later they sustain that no one can prove it was broken when it left Mechanic A, nor that it was fixed when it came to Mechanic B.  So no one is responsible for my AC screw being broken, and now I have to pay another 800 $ in labor if I want AC again.    So I started with A.C. which I love, and heat which I could live without.. now 1000$ later.. I have no A.C. and have heater.   I hate life.

  The good news?  59 days left in the United States Marine Corps!