There are Murderers among us!

I remember hearing this declaration, and looking around, and wondering who the murderers were. I have heard the same and similar proclamations throughout my life. Most recently it was at Rock the Desert, when Lacey Sturm (formerly of FlyLeaf) was talking about her history of abuse, drug abuse and other horrific events in her life. I have always seen the glorification of the sinner repentant, the escalation of the changed druggie or gang member or murderer. I have always wondered, what about me? What about the common Christian, the one without major stain, the one who consistently keeps their head down and chooses righteousness. Not perfect, not nearly perfect, not even approaching perfection, but, if there is such a thing, normal. Struggling with his own temptations, but victorious more often than conquered. Perhaps it is the same feeling of the brother of the prodigal son. Perhaps it is the feeling of the 99, when the Master goes after the 1.

And then I find myself being that one, and I understand.

Overwrought prose aside, I was wrong. I thought I knew better, but I was wrong.

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