Better Hurry.

My day begins with tired eyes
I want to stay in bed.
I have too much to do today
the list lives in my head.

I have to spend half of my day
pretending that I’ve heard
the drawn out plans of how to plan
and write it word for word.

The second half I try to fix
the things that broke last night.
When all is fixed, it’s half past 6.
I’ll never get it right.

And so I pour more of my time
to try to get things done.
Each day I race against the clock
in hopes that I have won.

Last week it was a simple play
tonight a simple game
next week t’wil be a dance routine
next month more of the same.

They grow. They watch. They learn. They leave.
so slowly day by day.
I toil. I grind. I plan. I work.
The days just slip away.

One day I’ll wake. I’ll wake to find.
my time is now my own.
I’ll rush straight home straight to my girls
I’ll find that they’ve all grown.

They’ll have no time. No time for me.
No time to talk or play.
Their lives so full. So full of chase.
They’ll run from day to day.

I’ll sit and watch them run away
so mindless of the clock.
I’ll grow. I’ll age. I’ll waste away.
We never think to stop.

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