You’re Reading This Correctly: My Two Year Old Can Read

Really, I’m as shocked as you are. We’ve been working and working with Seporah day in and day out and mostly just exhausting her I’m imagining. On Sunday, we were working with flashcards and Seporah gets up and leaves because she’s just plain sick of it. Felicity then proclaims, “and!” I look down. Sure enough my flashcard says “and.” I flip to the next card thinking it’s just a coincidence. “it…by…some…you…up…look…go…all…there…see…me…at!” Felicity knows about 25 words. We didn’t even realize she was learning anything while we were teaching Seporah. The really funny part is, she doesn’t even know all her letters yet. We purchased a bunch of sight words books off of Amazon and I’m excited to see how those work out with BOTH of the girls.

4 thoughts on “You’re Reading This Correctly: My Two Year Old Can Read”

  1. Wow! Wow! WOW! That is incredible. I have to admit feeling a little sad for Seporah, while excited for Felicity.

  2. Would not surprise me if Seporah starts picking it up faster now!
    This is GRRRRRate news!
    Love ya all

  3. Sounds to me like Filicity takes after her Mom And Dad while poor Seporah takes after her Grandma Deb. Did Steven ever tell you I failed Second grade reading? I had to take summer school and some intinsive tutering before they would let me go on to 3rd grade. Do not worry she will learn,

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